Mass Effect - Rebirth

A Brave New Galaxy


It’s been a century since the Sahrabarik relay was reopened and Omega started its long slow decline toward becoming the next Citadel, more than enough time to get over how incredibly galling that is. I’ve established myself in a nice little corner of the galaxy far from this brave new galaxy. Virmire’s perfect for my purposes. The system is connected by a secondary relay, which my people are working toward re-opening. Until they do, the greater galaxy knows that it’s a one-way trip, which means nobody is bothering me.

Another thing that galls me is that stuffy, stuck-up, holier-than-thou Siala Jonis who managed to worm her way up from running a glorified fueling station to being an ambassador-at-large to the galaxy, coordinating the new Senate’s new members as they open relays and re-connect the galaxy. So long as she’s so… insufferably public, my personal revenge will have to wait. Her weapon of choice in my downfall, Jarek Bal’iban, managed to survive who knows how many assassination attempts and died at a ripe old batarian age with his grip still firm about Logasiri, an “old style” slaver to the bitter end. As for Nova Noir, that bitch is still alive somehow. I blame all the cerberus tech floating around in her body. The only reason I haven’t killed her is that if there’s anyone I hate more in this galaxy, it’s cerberus, or, as they were calling themselves for a few decades, the “legitimate government of humanity.” She and her fellow insurgents were their #1 enemy until a combination of terrorist acts, targeted assassination, sabotage, and political opposition finally overthrew the bastards. Now, I can’t be bothered to care that much about her.

I watched from my colony of Thessaly for a while before seeing which way things were headed. After the mission through the Omega-4 relay to destroy the Leviathans’ plans, the Omega Nebula Senate, with the aid of the Inusannon, shut down the Omega-4 relay to cannibalize its eezo to start up the Sahrabarik relay again. The vorcha Kragg, working in secret, found a significant score of eezo in one of the newly surveyed systems and, wanting to keep Leviathan (or more prosaic) eyes off of it, cut a deal with Jarek to use Logasiri’s refining capability to refine the rest of what he needed. They put him in charge of restoring the relay, which must have galled any number of other scientists, but he did it.

Of course, the real question was, what then? That upjumped archaeologist claiming to be the Shadow Broker nowadays was apparently secretly advising the senate, and reported that the Eagle Nebula relay had already been restored by Leviathan forces, forging a direct connection. Any other destination would be a one-way trip until whomever went through could restore the relay on the other side. War on the Leviathan forces was tempting, especially since they controlled the planet Korlus and all it’s technological raw materials, but ultimately they leaned on the local Binary Helix personnel and their private QEC to the home office on Illium. They coordinated with the Five Matriarchs to send technical expertise and eezo one-way through to the Crescent Nebula, spent some months re-opening their relay, and then combining forces on a joint-attack on the Eagle nebula and its Leviathan defenders. Korlus was captured, the Leviathan slaves were scattered, and thus began the slow but inevitable crawl toward restoring the entire network.

The Elkoss Combine senator, Daro Tas was sent by his company to Illium to work on the re-integration of economies and all that. The Senate did a pretty good job, all things considered, resisting Illium cultural dominance, although that was mostly due to my mother, who kept them at bay. She continued to push for negotiation with the Leviathans from our new position of strength and integrating them into the galactic community for their depth of knoweldge. She didn’t live to see it, but it eventually happened. Siala, of all people, pushed for it, along with Jarek. It helped that the widespread adoption of technology to block sphere influence occurred thanks to cheap devices sold at a loss from Elkoss Combine, and the surprisingly swift spread of the Mother’s Faithful under Lily Asada who apparently returned from her mission through the Omega-4 relay actually believing her own hype. The cult went into overdrive promoting anti-Leviathan “slaver monster” rhetoric that caused even the rabble to integrate protective devices into their daily lives. That cult is a real concern. Lily’s long-gone, of course. Within the mythology of the cult, she vanished into the embrace of the Mother, and will return someday to lead her faithful home. The “First Daughter” of the cult, once named Janet Connor, still runs it at a doddering 120 years old. Sometimes I wonder if she assassinated Lily just to ensure the myth would live on.

So, once our people could handle spheres safely, it was only a matter of time before some scientist figured out how to trace the signal back to the source, and that source was surprisingly close, in Sigurd’s Cradle. The Senate opened negotiations with the Leviathans who sued for peace, offering knowledge of every corner of the galaxy, through their many eyes and ears, as well as advanced scientific knowledge if we’ll promise not to go to the Psi Tophet system. The senate agreed.

The advance intelligence they provided allowed a more sure-footed expansion policy. Arriving in the Serpent Nebula allowed the expanding influence of the Senate to discover the remnants of the fleet that fought the reapers at the Battle of the Citadel. Most of the ships were mothballed in orbit around Bekenstein, but the personnel had created an ordered multi-species colony. They probably could have opened their own relay but for the lack of enough eezo and refining capacity in the Widow system. The Citadel itself was a burned out husk. Good riddance.

Securing the Serpent nebula, and the largest fleet of military warships still in existence, opened up multiple expansions to re-integrate Thessia, Palaven, and Sur’kesh. Once this happened, the Omega Nebula Senate re-organized along more traditional species lines (although FAR more representative, still, than the old Council had been). Senators for individual colonies or mercenary companies were ousted, Senators representing entire species were in. The new senate, when the dust cleared, consisted of asari, salarian, batarian, volus, hanar, elcor, inusannon, and vorcha (believe it or not). The Leviathans had non-voting representation. Curiously absent were turians and humans. The turians were completely fucked by the reapers, and not really up for galactic politics quite yet. As for the humans… well…

Turns out, all this time, the remnants of cerberus were active. They consolidated control over the Exodus Cluster, Horsehead Nebula, and Arcturus Stream, and by the time our forces were ready to open the last relay connecting us to their little empire, they had opened the secondary relay to Sol, bringing “enlightened peace” blah blah blah to Earth. They became the de-facto government of the human species, who were invited to send a non-voting representative to the Senate.

This was my last straw. I’d been hoarding my own resources, and I began sending expeditions to re-open relays in the Attican traverse. I wanted as far away from this fascist bullshit as I could get. Much to my surprise, the Justicar Artemisia T’Caria apparently felt much the same. She left Omega, formed her own private army with the aid of Sira’Taal, Drala, Ganar Kurg, Malintzin, Quentin Sheehanand a wide variety of other loyal combatants, and lent her services to terrorist acts against humanity’s government, as well other acts of “justice” throughout the galaxy. She’s still out there, somewhere, “do-gooding.” Some of her people were more freelancers than anything. Quinn and Malintzin both did work for me or my agents before they inevitably succumbed to old age.

I’m told the “great hero” Kragg, vorcha engineer and relay-fixer, after connecting Heshtok to the galaxy, allowed himself to be parasitized by an Inusannon. That’s one sort of immortality I guess. Before he did that he started something of a “vorcha-culture” on Omega that taught mental flexibility and a certain degree of intelligence to his people. This “university” was sponsored by Elkoss Combine, with research supported by former Pyrena corporation personnel and Dr. Toccoa Navarr. Some people never learn. I give the whole project another few decades before the vorcha revert to savagery.

Of most interest to me, of course, was Nova’s insurgency against the human government. She collected quite a menagerie of cerberus’ old broken toys and mad science experiments to help her. Now that the humans aren’t fascists anymore, they were granted a full-voting senator. Nova herself, last I heard, retired to Rannoch, which once it was finally re-connected to the galaxy, has proven surprisingly advanced. Apparently all this time the quarians were living quite contentedly on their planet which the geth had preserved for them for the last three centuries. They had full agriculture, full cities, a full technology base… just no trade. Now Rannoch is something of a tourist destination and retirement planet. There’s a small colony of drell there established by Drala before she died.

As for my daughter Atma T’Kala, she quite cleverly laid low. When Omega started to become too full of self-important types, she left, following the relays I’d opened. She founded a secluded monastery for ardat-yakshi, but unlike the old one, this one is run BY the ardat-yakshi. Their goal is to live a life unmolested by justicars. Curiously enough, there’s a small but significant traffic in death-tourists, people with fatal conditions who want to “go out in style.” All power to her.

The galaxy is once more becoming an ever-smaller place. I never would have imagined that my Omega would become the seat of the next galaxy-wide government. I’m glad to be rid of the place. With any luck, in time, Virmire will become the next haven for those who seek true freedom from the tyranny of governments and politics.



Timestamp: 2187.0189.003, Internal Log, Silana

Lily Asada took her ship, her top people, and Saelan Viris, to Talaria Station to recruit more skilled personnel for her mission through the Omega-4 relay. Apparently she procured the mysterious ELI that the Talaria people referenced when the subject came up. They also recruited. Dr. Bryson, protecting her with mass effect fields to protect her from Leviathan control. The two drell, Iris Krayt and Drala went along as well. The elcor pilot Malintzin was recruited to fly the ship, and Lily recruited a number of skilled engineers.

As they headed toward the Omega-4 relay, however, they were intercepted by a fleet of Uwan Consortium ships and were repulsed. They ended up back here on Omega, where Lily petitioned the Senate for troops and ships to disperse the corporate fleet.

It was clear the Leviathans had learned of her plans and were using their servants in the former Batarian corporation to defend their interests. The Leviathan representative on Omega, Sanjay Kaurav, made a fuss about unwarranted and undeclared aggression. Atma basically told him to fuck himself, but other Senators took his point to heart. The Eclipse senator, especially, seemed keen on the idea that now that we’re a “senate” we should act like one, with formal rules for declarations of war, and diplomatic immunity, and all that.

Senator Daro Tas agreed with the Eclipse senator, and straight up moved to declare war on the Leviathans. The motion carried, although it wasn’t unanimous. Of particular interest was the representative of Senator Siala Jonis, Derhan Paz’hess, who voted against war. Atma tried to contact Talaria station to find out why, but they were in the midst of an emergency.

We escorted the Leviathan’s representative to a cell. The senate then began a long debate over whether Senators should have immunity from prosecution. The measure passed. They then engaged in a long debate about codifying rules for diplomatic immunity should the relay be opened and we need to deal diplomatically with other organized groups. In the midst of this debate, Quinn was approached by Wyatt Carson on behalf of Helena Blake letting him know that strange, mixed groups of people carrying heavy explosives had been seen moving into Omega’s core superstructure. Quinn informed Artemisia and Atma and Daro, who informed the rest of the senate. Needless to say, the prospect of the station’s core support column being blown up motivated the senate to adjourn and immediately mobilize troops. That’s when the riots broke out.

Artemisia led a small team of Atma, Daro, Quinn, myself, Ganar Kurg and Cassius Cleon, making a beeline for the central support column. Atma’s specs of the station given her by her mother, as well as her contacts on the station ensured we reached the vicinity without difficulty. Quinn called in a favor from Jorgal Nask who flooded the maintenance areas and the central superstructure with his vorcha army to try to stymie Leviathan reinforcements as we went in. We had a brief encounter in the maintenance tunnels with a small group of mixed individuals, clearly under Leviathan control, carrying explosives and an M-920 CAIN. Fortunately we were able to kill them all with only minor Cain backlash, although Artemisia inadvertently blasted an invisible Quinn with her biotics.

We arrived at the central support column to find a large number of assorted people setting up 5 bombs on the central column, and four support columns. Some of them were clustered near another crate that they seemed to think was important. Three krogan held the center of the room. Atma ordered me to take the mysterious crate while the rest of them focused on the bombs. I assessed my chances of successfully killing all thirteen of the well-armed people around the case as about 4%. It seemed a reasonable cause to die for, however, so I charged. I managed to cut down seven of them before I was gunned down, even with the supporting fire of Cassius.

I didn’t see much of the rest of the fight. I’m told that Quinn and Daro took out a bomb each, a sudden influx of biotic vorcha took out a third bomb. Daro then rushed to my aid with Atma’s help and stabilized me. The crate apparently contained a leviathan sphere which began attempting to subvert the minds of all present. Some of the group fired on allies briefly before shaking off the effect. Daro and Quinn were able to eventually destroy the sphere, but not before Ganar Kurg took a rocket to the chest, and Atma, Daro, and Quinn were gunned down, seriously injured. I came to in the last moments of the fight, just in time to begin revenge for what appeared to be the death or near death of everyone except Artemisia. Fortunately, the destruction of the sphere disrupted the opposition. Jorgal Nask sent a vorcha medic who was able to bring Kurg and Daro around. Atma and Quinn were badly hurt but still up, although Quinn has some very impressive new scars. Somewhere in there, Quinn had disarmed the fourth bomb, and Kurg had rushed to throw the last one down the shaft, although he nearly ended up plummetting to his death.

We recovered, ensured all the bombs were deactivated, and waited for news of the riots. It appears small flash riots were distracting the Delta Patrol and Senate forces, presumably to give their bombardiers time to blow the central column. Fortunately, Blake’s information allowed us to intervene in time. The Patrol put down the riots, destroyed two other spheres, and we eventually were able to evacuate our wounded to Daro’s spire.

Daro and Kurg were able to provide medical and technological aid to everyone once they themselves were conscious.

As I was being repaired by Daro, Cassius came to speak to him. He wanted to talk about ardat-yakshi with us both. Apparently, Atma had taken him to talk to the Leviathan prisoner, Sanjay. Even isolated from the sphere effects, he expressed a somewhat fanatical devotion to the Leviathans. She asked Cassius to leave her alone with him. He reported strange noises, and then she struck the door with a cry that may have been pain. When he opened the door, she seemed dazed, and he was dead. She claimed “something came out of him”. Cassius was concerned that perhaps she had used her genetic talents to kill him. The three of us discussed it, and decided there was no need to bring the Justicar into this on such scant evidence.

Five days later, Lily’s team returned. They were missing a number of people, but their mission was a success. They reported that they made it through the relay, and while Lily and the engineering team, along with ELI, prepped the fusion torches on the Reaper corpse, Dr. Bryson, Iris, and Drala entered negotiations with Vessel, the strange Collector agent of the Leviathans. They convinced the leviathans that although most of the people of the Omega nebula were paranoid lunatics, some appreciated the leviathan’s technological superiority. They wanted to help it complete its work. They essentially flattered the leviathans and stalled them, preventing Vessel from shutting down the relay or some other act that might prevent their escape, or foil the mission.

Lily’s people got the hulk moving and Iris and Drala infiltrated the relay superstructure and assassinated Vessel. Lily’s ship, piloted daringly by Malintzin, hit the relay seconds before the reaper hulk did.

A number of people died, including, by some reports, Iris and Drala. I don’t have full information. Teams from Talaria station and Omega moved immediately to begin shutting down the Omega-4 relay with the goal of cannibalizing it’s eezo core.



Intelligence Report-Encryption level: Extinguish-15

Operative Zaphuel – Report written, stored for eventual transmission to Kahje

This one has had a most exciting EVA experience. This one hasn’t been EVA since spec-op training on Kahje many years ago.

At first, this one believed the most exciting thing to challenge this one’s talents was the visit from Lily Asada and her small fleet of followers. It would appear that Spectre Saelan Viris convinced Asada to lead the “suicide mission” through the Omega-4 relay to destroy the efforts of the Leviathans on the other side. This one approves of recruiting someone with sufficient charisma among humanoids to effectively recruit the necessary talent. Asada removed ELI, a source of some relief to this one, as ELI’s true motives could never truly be known, and his talents could not be effectively countered. ELI was installed on Asada’s vessel along with other systems to prevent Leviathan sphere-effects by Kragg. This permitted Asada to also recruit Dr. Bryson, the closest thing the nebula has to an expert on Leviathans. This one did not dare hope that the Compact Traitor would elect to join her companion, but that is exactly what happened. Perhaps the mission will truly be a suicide mission after all. Unfortunately, the younger, more promising drell elected to accompany her sister. This one still held to some hope that Drala would someday rejoin the compact and serve both our peoples. The elcor pilot Malintzin was recruited to fly the main frigate. It would seem that their only real hope of surviving the mission is to wait until the point of no return, then fly their ship through the relay just as it’s being destroyed. If anyone can do this, Malintzin probably can. With some mixed feeling, this one hopes they are successful and return safely.

Asada’s visit was challenging only insofar as many of the followers she brought tended to become religiously zealous and cause minor security issues. Asada also gave a speech to five of our stations recruiting technicians and engineers, a number of whom signed up without even knowing where they’d be going. It was uncanny.

Her need for manpower came in the wake of reports that Uwan Consortium ships had been seen in the vicinity of the Omega-4 relay. Shortly after they departed, this one received reports that the Consortium had effectively blockaded the relay preventing Asada and her fleet from going through. This prompted Nova Noir and Siala Jonis to contact Senator Kal’Aine Bal’iban to discuss options. It would appear that notion of a secret assault was becoming less viable. Siala cast her vote for a fast, overwhelming assault on the relay. This one shall see how that goes.

Kragg received a heavily encrypted message from a ship at the edges of the Sahrabarik system. This one is still working on decrypting it, but it precipitated a large transfer of concealed assets and resources from not only Kragg, but Siala and Nova as well. This one suspects it has to do with the clandestine attempts to get the Sahrabarik relay functioning again.

Siala received news that the distant gas mining project in which she had invested alongside the Elkoss Combine was complete, and that two new stations had begun operations.

Nova Noir hired a new security specialist for Seventh Heaven, a turian named Ilam Bironas. He was a slave on Logasiri since before the Reaper war and the Cerberus occupation of Omega. He therefore missed all of the significant events of the last two years. This one finds him charmingly young and disciplined. This one suspects he will be a valuable addition, especially as he demonstrated a certain modicum of cleverness in the aftermath of the EVA incident which this one will shortly be narrating. Siala hired a new medical specialist to replace the Compact Traitor, a salarian female named Toccoa Navarr, who came with a pack of well-trained and unusually-bred varren. An interesting eccentricity. She seems to know her business however.

Things were otherwise quiet when this one received reports from this one’s subordinates of missed reports and missing personnel. The personnel in question corresponded with the security staff who had been compromised by Ambassador Ashe. This one had not been so foolish as to permit those personnel to serve on the same teams or on the same shifts, but nevertheless, they all vanished within the same relatively brief window of time. This one concluded that someone had smuggled a sphere aboard, and moved about the station fairly rapidly collecting anyone susceptible. Fortunately Dr. Bryson had long since departed.

This one reported immediately to Siala Jonis whereupon she and her trusted seconds thought out potential purposes to which these compromised staff would be put. Kragg once more demonstrated his capacity for unusual, asymmetrical thinking. The only evidence we had was that the compromised personnel had thus far evaded any contact with security sweep teams, or even, for that matter, internal surveillance technology. He presumed that the reactor was too obvious a target, as well as too well-defended, but conceived of a way that saboteurs could go EVA and sabotage the mass effect generators that create our refined fuel holding area to prevent the emergency failsafes from activating. At that point, a simple ignition would not vent harmlessly into space, but would destroy the station.

This one, alongside Kragg, his perpetual bodyguard Gillian vas Idenna, Ilam, Brother Astrophel, and Nova Noir herself, went EVA to check out this theory, which proved to be well founded. The compromised personnel were entrenched in a wide ring around the base of the containment sphere in a tactically advantageous position. We came under fire almost immediately. Kragg, Gillian, Ilam, and Astrophel demonstrated an understanding of basic tactics. When fired upon from a superior position, assault that position as quickly as possible. Ilam’s turian military training was most apparent in his capacity to move rapidly notwithstanding the magnetic boots, one of which needed to be in contact with the station at all times. Kragg demonstrated less facility, and twice had to fire makeshift magnetic grapples from his gloves to prevent himself from spinning off into space. Astrophel demonstrated his deadly biotic prowess.

Unfortunately, Nova appeared frozen by the situation, and this one is not a combat operative. This one hung back to provide support to Nova, as well as emergency biotic response should others of the squad become detached from the station.

The assault was ultimately successful, although Gillian was shot through the head by an unexpected sniper. Apparently one of the compromised personnel had donned a gas-jet harness and was floating in space twenty meters out, invisible against the blackness of space, with a rifle. Kragg demonstrated that his grapple devices were also offensive weapons. He managed to short out the sniper’s harness and sent him tumbling toward the immensity of Imorkan above us. Nova shook off her terror and activated her biotics to pull herself to Gillian, which unfortunately resulted in her leaving the station plating. This prompted Astrophel to attempt much the same, resulting in all three of them floating in a biotic bubble in space. Astrophel then towed the other two back to the relative safety of their magnetized footwear.

While this was going on, Ilam and Kragg were finishing off the few personnel entrenched before us. They were spread out dramatically to encircle the base of the containment sphere, so we only had to deal with five total. Nevertheless, one managed to dislodge Kragg and knock him unconscious. This one utilized his biotics to pull Kragg to safety.

At about this point, our opposition collapsed, and the compromised personnel began to panic, not knowing how they were FTA on the side of the station. It would appear that the Leviathan control had been broken.

As we fought in EVA, Siala Jonis, alongside this one’s uncompromised security personnel, and the new doctor Navarr and her pack of varren went hunting through the refining complex just below the containment sphere. Other compromised personnel opposed them, but they found the personnel guarding the sphere, which was in a central location just below the fuel containment systems. Siala destroyed the sphere, returning the compromised personnel to themselves. Siala summarily fired them. This one will look into suitable severance packages and transport to Omega.

Nova Noir rushed Gillian to Dr. Toccoa, whose trauma training was able to keep her barely alive. It would seem that she will live, but recovery may take some time. This is fortunate. Gillian is one of this one’s most potent security assets.

In the aftermath of these events, this one proposed to Siala and her lieutenants that we consider why we in particular had so aroused the attention of the Leviathans that they would seek to accomplish such an elaborate plan to destroy the entire station. In this discussion, Ilam proposed that perhaps they had a puppet in Siala’s organization, either Derhan Paz’hess or another station master, that might rise to the governorship should Siala and her personal retainers be killed. While undue paranoia can ruin alliances, there is wisdom in caution. I will relocate certain espionage assets to Shrike station immediately.



Timestamp: 2187.0177.998, Internal Log, Silana

In the aftermath of the successful insurgency on Logasiri, Justicar Artemisia T’Caria and I returned to Omega. I was pleased that nothing unfortunate happened to Atma, and that her grandmother was able to look after her.

Justicar Artemisia leapt into the bureaucracy of her newly re-organized Omega Patrol. She deputized Praetor Gavorn, who is now effectively her Executive Officer, to “translate” her policy decisions into practical training programs. He has begun designing a six-month training regimen for new recruits to properly inculcate in them the necessary memes of ethical law enforcement… at least as much as Omega allows. Gavorn apparently spread the rumor among the Omega Patrol that Sira’Taal is, and always has been, a secret agent / operative of the Justicar’s, thus converting a potential scandal into an object lesson.

It seems that Jamie Bell will be leaving us. I wasn’t present for the conversation he had with Lily Asada but I can guess at his motivations. We are no longer a covert slave-freeing and slave-smuggling outfit, and his sometime-girlfriend is now a major religious figure and a senator. I can see how he might feel at loose ends. He is traveling to Lorek to start an “indentured’s rights” political movement with the aid of Lily’s converts on that planet.

Atma continues to grow into her role as Senator, plying some of her fellow Senators for information and forging alliances, particularly with the Senator from Logasiri, Kal’Aine Bal’Iban.

It would appear that Quinn was somehow tricked into getting drunk by the Senator for the Star Herons, Ji Xue, who was miffed that she wasn’t invited to the meeting that planned the assault on Logasiri, especially since he, a mere pilot, was. I don’t believe he was tricked into revealing any sensitive information, but it did result in an odd meeting between him, the Justicar, Jorgal Nask, and Ganar Kurg at a varren-fighting bar called the Randy Varren. Apparently “pork” is a human dish known for its anti-hangover properties, and consists of a mostly tasteless pudding-like paste.

Saelan Viris approached the Justicar once more. He clarified that the mission to the galactic core isn’t necessarily a “suicide” mission, but he doesn’t want to give a false estimation of their chances. Technically, they could wait until moments before the point of impact, and activate the relay to fly home just before it’s destroyed. That requires everything to go right, and for the Vessel of the Leviathans not to have deactivated the relay for whatever process it’s working on. After discussing the difficulty of finding a sufficiently talented “commander Shepard-like” person able to convince high-value people to risk nearly certain death for them, Lily decided that she would volunteer to lead the mission.

Lily has no qualifications for this mission aside from one: she has an unusual capacity to inspire others. It seems likely that she’ll be able to provide the potential motivating factor. Hopefully Siala Jonis and the others on Talaria Station can provide further assets and resources for this mission to provide optimal chances of success.

While Lily engaged in the necessary politics to ensure her succession on the Senate (and martyrdom among her religion, if it comes to that), Artemisia got a call from Gavorn. He indicated reports of increased disappearances in the depths of the Daru spire. Not enough to really make the news, but more than could be readily accounted for by the usual attrition, especially now that the slave market down there was shut down. Artemisia gathered a group including me, Cassius Cleon, Sira’Taal, Ganar Kurg, and Quinn and headed down there. Atma suggested we talk to Rannis Krull, a broken, ancient Krogan shaman who was locally known in the depths of the spire as something of an oracle. We passed below the parts of the spire controlled by Lily’s people and into the depths where things are more… desperate. We intimidated the locals out of doing anything stupid and found Krull.

He was surprisingly knowledgeable about things outside his hovel, and informed us that a recent Inusannon conversion ceremony went awry. Apparently, in a tiny percentage of cases, something goes wrong and the newborn inusannon gets an incomplete transfer of the parent’s neural patterns resulting in something like corrupted data. Basically it goes insane. This one killed the parent, and so the other inusannon didn’t know about it. It then slunk into the depths of the Daru spire where it has begun parasitically converting anything it could get its tentacles on.

We sent Quinn to scout it out. He found the creature, a mostly-converted former Batarian, surrounded by what Quinn called a “tentacle orgy” of half-transformed people, writhing in a sub-sentient fashion. It was decided that Artemisia should report to the Inusannon and see if they had any advice. She, Sira’Taal, and I headed higher to get omni-tool reception, fighting off an ill-advised assault from a mass of poor, desperate idiots on the way. We talked to the inusannon ambassador via her translator Kallista. Apparently this sort of thing happens in less than one percent of inusannon conversions, and the broken results are often put out of their misery. It’s an embarrassing truth that Kallista openly compared to the existence of Ardat Yakshi. She asked that we not tell anyone, kill as many of the malformed things as we could while the Inusannon put together a coordinated response.

We headed back down just in time to see the companions we’d left behind fleeing away from the oracle’s hovel. It wasn’t entirely clear what they were fighting, but the hovel itself was defended by a dozen biotic vorcha and a strong barrier. As we pursued our companions, tentacle-creatures dropped down on us from above. I was momentarily incapacitated by neural data, but my defense systems activated, knocking the thing away from me. The Justicar was able to shred the neurology of the one on her, while Sira’taal turned the one on her into a chunky black mist, although not before receiving an unfortunate suit breach. We then rendezvoused with the others to discover that the horde of converted creatures was stalking them in the ducts and pipework. We kept moving until we found the large former storage-tank which was apparently their nest, containing only the originating creature. Quinn and Kurg killed it, then Kurg leapt into the center of the cistern-like tank making a lot of noise to lure the pursuing mass of psychically-enraged creatures into the tank with him. Quinn moved to an advantageous spot to pull him out while Sira’tall arranged timed inferno-grenade destruction, and the Justicar, Cassius, and I provided covering fire to herd the creatures into the trap.

It all went off more or less without a hitch. We burned the creatures and made our escape. A subsequent net of patrolling Inusannon found a few stragglers and put them out of their misery. Hopefully that’s the end of that infestation.

Regime Change


Personal Log of Cassius Cleon, Bodyguard to Senator Daro Tas

Well, that was exciting. I haven’t been a part of a planetary invasion force since… well… the last time we invaded Logasiri.

So, having crushed or co-opted Black Star to the point where most of them have run off to form a new colony under Aria, Logasiri was left with few friends, especially after Jarek Bal’iban and his allies managed to run off with their carrier flagship, as well as governor Aton Kal’Hirek’s favorite slave, who was also Jarek’s wife.

Since then, there’s been a concerted effort to fuck with them. Priceless batarian artifacts were recovered by Quinn, Jarek, and Artemisia and given, quite publicly and with much pomp, to Grothan Pazness of Lorek. Jarek’s wife was appointed by Jarek as the “Governor of Logasiri in exile” to the Omega Nebula Senate, effectively representing a colony that would give anything to assassinate her. There was a concerted campaign of propaganda and insurgency operating on the ground, including militant cells loyal to Jarek and simple citizens swayed by the way the cultural wind was blowing.

So, it came as no surprise that whole bunch of folks got together to discuss the necessary direct action to finally topple Logasiri’s regime and put Jarek back in charge.

The “Senate subcommittee meeting” (or group of conspirators, depending on how you look at it) consisted of Senators Pazness, Kal’Aine Bal’Iban, Siala Jonis Atma T’Kala, Matriarch Galliae, Solem Del’Serah, Lily Asada, and my own Senator, Daro Tas… so about half the entire council. They each brought in various loyal operatives to discuss strategy and tactics. After a briefing by Cynthia Hawkins who had done most of the prep work in seeding insurgency and infiltrating agents onto the planet, we discussed targets and resources.

Hawkins mentioned that the concerted propaganda campaign throughout the nebula had netted a small, rag-tag fleet of “independent batarian operators” who wanted to help. It was assumed that some of them were actually Logasiri plants, and so Senator Asada put some of her time into ensuring their loyalty. She managed to convert two of the captains to her religion, and straight out bribed or blackmailed the rest of them. We were also going to be bringing the Pride of Khar’Shan to the battle both for it’s definite naval power, but also as a symbol of which side was in the right. It was therefore absolutely essential that any simmering mutiny be taken care of. One shouldn’t forget that the ship was basically stolen by stealing the captain’s loyalty, and there were still, doubtless, many Logasiri sympathizers among the crew. Senator Daro Tas pulled some strings with his corporation to ensure additional security for the Captain, and went aboard himself to keep an eye on things. Furthermore, Senator T’Kala gave a rousing speech to the “indentured servants” serving on the ship exhorting them not to rebel, for victory might meet their ultimate freedom. Jarek pulled his own strings to make sure his loyalists on the ship were watching for mutiny.

Another problem was how to make the popular uprising that had been seeded and fomented by Hawkins actually effective. Artemisia pointed out that all the colony safeguards against environmental breach, like sealing bulkheads, etc., were absolutely also being used as a method of control and suppression. The population can’t revolt if the doors to their homes are all sealed. Nova and Kragg arranged a VI virus from some… computer… guy? It was never really explained. His name is apparently Eli and he’s apparently some sort of computer genius where even Kragg is asking him for help? Whatever. The point of the virus was apparently to unlock every door and disable all the emergency environmental systems. Upside: can’t lock rioters into their homes. Downside: Hopefully there isn’t a dome-breach or everyone asphyxiates.

Senator Daro Tas and Jarek pooled some resources to hire Jorgal Nask and his army as shock ground troops to take the spaceport, and Daro furthermore secured the services of Aepheus Virdros and Aleena to provide perimeter security in case they had any naval surprises. Malus Apian and his crew of engineers were pulled off the mass relay project to support Nask in case anything critical at the spaceport was damaged.

Having secured these resources, we hooked up with a small Blue Suns fleet, and the rag-tag batarian fleet, and headed to Logasiri.

The space battle was abrupt and fierce. Obviously a concerted propaganda campaign made it more than clear that we’d eventually be attacking, and Aton Kal’Hirek had pulled his most loyal military commanders tight around the colony. With the advantage of the Pride of Khar’Shan, we punched a hole in the defenses, and Jorgal Nask’s brutal planetary assault ships impacted the spaceport spilling vorcha commandos, supported by Lily Asada and her irregulars. The fighting to get to the command tower was particularly fierce, but they pushed through only to be confronted by a grizzled three-eyed batarian with his finger on the switch to blow the whole place. Lily, though, recognized that he was willing to die because he believed that his soul was already damned. She pulled out some obscure quotes from some batarian religious texts and quickly re-interpreted them for him, convincing him that his soul was not, in fact, lost… that she could show him redemption. Nask told me about all this later, with an expression of complete disbelief on his face. Apparently the guy bought it, put down the trigger, and is now one of Lily’s fanatical followers.

She kinda scares me.

With spaceport secured, the rest of us hit the ground. Silana and I were with Artemisia and that crazy quarian Sira’Taal, fighting alongside a Blue Suns assault force. Our objective was Logasiri’s military HQ. We hit the building hard and pushed in, supported by the biotic vorcha Artemisia brought along. The quarian was a terror with those inferno grenades and her highly fortified shielding. We routed the initial defenders, but had to breach the interior bunker. Silana used some sort of built-in hacking suite, but it exposed her to fire when the doors opened. Artemisia put herself between her own bodyguard and danger… kinda defeating the purpose of having a bodyguard, but oh well. She got shot up… again… but Sira’taal and Silana leapt over her into the bunker and started slaughtering while I stood above Artemisia providing covering fire so she could recover. We secured the HQ in short order.

Simultaneously, a team consisting of Nova Noir, Brother Astrophel, a krogan medic from Omega named Ganar Kurg, and a quarian associate of Lily Asada’s named Ora’Shen, supported by Blue Suns, assaulted the colony’s fusion reactors. They had identified these during the planning stage as a great place for a toppling regime to make a dramatic suicidal gesture. While the reactors themselves would probably be very resistant to easy meltdown, channelling the power output through the colony’s “strategic eezo reserve” could dramatically destabilize the planetoid itself, destroying the entire colony. Fortunately, the local powers that be assumed the heavy-duty bunker doors would require minimal military support. With the VI virus opening every door, the defenders were put on the back foot, and they fought their way into the reactors with little difficulty. They then held off counter-attack while Ora’Shen secure the systems from sabotage or tampering, and shut off power to the strategic eezo reserves. Apparently Kal’Hirek had, indeed, put such a disastrous plan into motion.

At the same time as those two assaults, Drala, Kragg, and Gillian vas Idenna assaulted the governor’s palace. I say “assaulted” although the plan was, originally, a covert entry. The covert part was kinda blown by some rigged explosives, but Drala nevertheless managed to get Kragg and Gillian to a security station where Kragg seized control of the palace’s systems, spoofing a colony environment breach, causing all the internal bulkheads emergency drop doors to activate. This effectively interfered with palace security’s capacity to respond. Gillian defended Kragg while Drala made her way through maintenance shafts or whatever to find the governor himself. She found him, alright, railing against his sudden inability to communicate with his forces, or even leave his office. There was only a single batarian female slave in the room with him, his security having been locked out. Drala noticed the slave getting a regicidal look in her eye, and so took action to take Kal’Hirek prisoner instead making it clear to the slave that her help wasn’t necessary.

That’s when Jarek and his gang of insurgents, backed with Blue Suns, flanked by camera drones, made his triumphant march to the palace. The colony’s systems were flooded with pre-recorded propaganda announcing the new regime while rioters in the streets cheered. Kragg worked the palace systems to ensure the triumphant march was uninterrupted, and Jarek confronted his old enemy, trussed up in his office. Their conversation was broadcast for all, but before Jarek could put the ceremonial collar of slavery on his rival, Kal’Hirek alluded to one last strike…

That’s when Aleena and Aepheus alerted the fleet to incoming. Four cargo ships came out of FTL at full thrust, powering for a crash-landing onto the colony. It was generally assumed that they were packed with enough devastation-power to wipe the whole place out. Quinn demonstrated some admirable bullshitting, convincing one pilot to hesitate, then demonstrated some admirable piloting, managing to use the Long Reach to ram one ship into another ship without serious damage to the Long Reach itself. Malintzin nudged the hesitating vessel out of its own dangerous trajectory while Daro Tas, apparently, managed to hack the fourth vessel from the bridge of the Pride of Khar’Shan, sending it on it’s own safe course. This delayed the impacts long enough for the Pride’s fighters and main guns to make short work of them.

When he realized his last suicide gambit had failed, Kal’Hirek submitted to Jarek, and the colony was officially captured.

Regime change isn’t fast, though, and we ended up hanging out for about a week while the aftermath was sorted and everything was cleaned up. The Logasiri military had to be disarmed, and so the Pride and the Blue Suns took over defensive duties while the loyalties settled out. It seems that Jarek’s governorship is reasonably well-assured, although I suspect he’ll be handling occasional assassination attempts for a little while at least.

He gave a rousing speech to the whole colony, the orbital fleet, and the entire system about returning Logasiri to its traditional values. He freed all “mercantile” slaves, i.e. those slaves bought with credits, but did NOT abolish the practice of slavery, insisting that traditional batarian slavery, as a result of crime or defeat in warfare, would continue. This did not make some of his allies happy, but most people recognized that you don’t change a society overnight. Multiple ships volunteered to transport freed slaves to Omega, where they’ll be encouraged to move on to Thessaly. The economic shortfall of so many freed slaves was made up for by financial and material aid from the Elkoss Combine, a loan that I’m sure they made at very reasonable rates.

Ultimately, we left Logasiri in its new hands and returned, ship by ship, back to Omega. Governor/Senator Siala Jonis was not notably happy about her former associate not abolishing slavery entirely. We’ll see how that all plays out on the senate floor, but as Jarek said, he’s happy to provide his colony’s strategic eezo reserve to the cause of repairing the mass relay… provided he’s not given a reason not to. From what I understand, Kragg has already figured out how to fix the relay, he just needs a ton of eezo. They’d be foolish to antagonize Governor Bal’iban too much, I think.

There’s one detail I glossed over. During the initial senate meeting where this was planned out, Spectre Saelan Viris addressed the assembled. He talked about a suicide mission through the Omega-4 relay. The plan would be to attach fusion torches to the derelict reaper hulk and fly it at speed into the galactic core relay, destroying it before the Leviathan’s agents could finish converting it into an alpha relay, and thus preventing the leviathans from having a major hub through which to dominate any renewed mass relay network. He said he had the ship, the torches, the equipment… all he needed was the personnel. He would require one or more skilled engineers willing to die. There was some discussion. Apparently this Eli guy, the computer genius, might be convinced to go. The issue was tabled until after the Logasiri thing. I imagine that will be a matter soon discussed. I can’t imagine anyone wants those brain-controlling monsters to have any more advantage that they already have.

Law and Order


Personal Log of Cassius Cleon, Bodyguard to Senator Daro Tas

That would have been an exciting fight, but between Artemisia’s biotic vorcha and Lily’s damn cult, poor Silana and I barely got any shots off. I mean, I guess it’s a good thing no Senators were seriously harmed, especially their apparent target, the new Senator for “Logasiri’s government in exile” Kal’aine Bal’iban, but I thought any gang of mercs hired to assassinate a senator would be made of harder stuff. Hell, even my boss intimidating them into running with that giant hand cannon of his.

Oh, so, yeah, it seems the Senate is fucking with Logasiri. Apparently old Jarek Bal’iban, who hangs out over on Talaria Station, was once the governor before being ousted by the current guy. Back during the Black Star war that shattered that organization, a bunch of us did some covert ops on Logasiri to free Jarek’s family from slavery and, incidentally, steal their naval flagship out from under them. It seem that Jarek, and the “Senator for ”/wikis/imorkan" class=“wiki-page-link”>Imorkan" Siala Jonis, and the Senators of the Blue Suns, Red Dawn, and Lorek have come up with a plan to really fuck with them by naming Jarek’s wife as “Senator” representing Logasiri. Now, obviously, this is a personal insult to the governor of that planet, who until recently had her as a trophy slave. The plan is apparently to prompt them into action while simultaneously destabilizing their regime for something of a little war.

So far so good, except of course that Kal’aine is now target #1 for every Logasiri assassin or agent.

Things were pretty calm at first. The biggest issue seemed to be the “surprise revelation” that many members of Artemisia’s Omega Patrol were regularly taking bribes and protection money from the residents of Omega. I know, not really a surprise. She confronted her people, and they all kinda looked at her like “well, yeah, of course… why shouldn’t we?” Clearly there needed to be some extensive shifts in the “culture” of Omega’s police force. First, Artemisia gathered evidence, then she went to the Senate and proposed that her force be independent, paid for and working for the Senate itself, and not people donated by the member factions. The Senate’s factions should provide funds placed into a pool for paying the police, but members of the Patrol should not be permitted to be members of both the Patrol and their original faction.

This passed reasonably effectively. It was when the subject of bribery being removed as a revenue stream came up that debate got lively. It seems the Senate wants to keep their overhead down. With some overt pressure applied to multiple other Senators by Lily, and some persuasive words from Artemisia and behind-the-scenes shenanigans, the Senate grudgingly agreed that bribery was a “bad thing.”

While this was being decided, however, one of the people helping Artemisia gather intel on the bribe-takers, a quarian named Sira’Taal, decided to take matters into her own hands and attacked the patrol group, apparently putting her fist through the head of the turian who was heading up this bit of disobedience against Artemisia’s edict. She followed up that remarkable display with inferno grenades and assault-rifle fire that routed the patrol and cause some collateral damage. She managed to escape, but the many senators were outraged, and insisted that any slaying of an official peace officer should be met with the harshest sanctions… and they weren’t wrong in this.

I know Sira is a sometime ally of Quinn and Daro, but that shit was a bit… disproportional. I don’t envy Artemisia the job of figuring out what to do with a crazy vigilante with no sense of proportion… I mean, especially since Justicars kinda have that exact same reputation.

It was while the senate meeting was breaking up that we were ambushed by the team of mercs. They were obviously aiming for Senator Kal’aina, but Atma took a bit of a hit. My own charge was knocked over in the initial rush (they unriveted the wall plating and literally came through the walls) but he got back up and was fine. I figured suppressing fire was the way to go, and it worked pretty well. Some of the attackers turned against their friends. Apparently they were converts to Lily’s religion. Artemisia’s biotic vorcha came out of nowhere, and between that back-up, and some terrifying acts of combat prowess from Quinn and Artemisia, with Atma and Daro being their usual intimidating selves, the attack was routed and the assailants captured.

I’m given to believe Atma put in some footwork with her contacts to trace the assault. Yep. Logasiri hired ‘em, and the local office of the Uwan Consortium was employed to arrange their intended getaway. Atma took the one asari member of the squad as her personal assistant… seems an odd way to treat a would-be assassin that you’ve just shot in the face, but she’s a weird person.



File 628.W03, Gillian vas Idenna

I continue to stand as personal guardian of the life of Kragg. This can be trying when his children climb on me. It is never, however, dull.

Kragg rapidly installed the Cerberus human-computer into one of his junky-looking but extremely sophisticated life-support pods. After doing a complete technical and biological scan, with the aid of Iris Krayt, he ensured that the subject had no intrinsic wireless capability and connected him to an extremely rudimentary computer in an attempt to open communication with him. It would appear that the individual, who named himself ELI (Enhanced Logistics Intelligence), had been extensively modified, both cybernetically and biologically. Dr. Ackerman removed most capacity to feel emotional investment in anything, presumably to remove any anger or other negative emotion at being turned into a space station’s central processor. This makes logical sense. Despite communicating as if we were an emotionless tool desiring only to be used, there were hints of the person he once was. His name was apparently Kaurav Sharma, for instance. In subsequent discussion with Nova Noir it was discovered that he had been a young gang-rat on Omega back during the Cerberus occupation where he fell in with a new street gang that was forming to fight against Cerberus known as the Char. After that, he was picked up by Ackerman and taken to the station for experimentation.

There was something of a debate amongst Siala’s associates as to what should be done with him. Although Cerberus built him, and although everything he knew came from Cerberus data banks, and his head was crammed full of Cerberus proprietary knowledge, he didn’t “feel” any sort of intrinsic loyalty to them aside from innate bias. He wanted a function. He was… “bored.”

Siala managed to procure a surprising number of exotic and hard-to-find computer components so Kragg could construct a processing array for the purpose of plugging ELI into a system of sufficient complexity that he could start helping Kragg crunching virtual scenarios for the re-activation of the mass relay. This inevitably gave him enough power and potential control that he started exploring the station’s other systems. He noticed all the backdoors that the Master of Nightside station had into Talaria’s systems. Apparently Kragg knew about them already and left them there for misdirection purposes, but ultimately Siala gave ELI permission to close the backdoors and devote some of his processing capability to running counter-intrusion.

It’s… odd… to give another ex-Cerberus experiment so much trust and control, but they did it before with me… and with Brother Astrophel… and with Nova herself. I hope this trust follows the trend, and is repaid in kind.

A flotilla of ships came through the Imorkan stations accompanying Senator Grothan Pazness of Lorek, Senator Galliae of the Red Dawn, Senator Solem Del’Serah of the Blue Suns, and Senator Korovomburan of Thunawanuro. They were en route to Omega with the goal of integrating the station’s ruling council into the Senate, ultimately making Omega the Senate’s new seat, and placing the Senate in direct control of Omega. While here, Senator Pazness and Senator Del’Serah had a meeting with Siala and Jarek Bal’iban on the subject of putting in motion the conquest of Logasiri. It seems that between Aria recruiting for her new colony, and the widely broadcast procurement of priceless batarian cultural artifacts by Senator Pazness at the hands of Jarek, that Batarians were generally abandoning Logasiri in droves. Only the colonists themselves remained, restricted from information and travel by their regime, and a relatively small naval planetary defense force.

Senator Pazness introduced an “”/characters/cynthia-hawkins" class=“wiki-content-link”>asymmetrical warfare specialist" who outlined the general plan:

  1. Have Thunawanuro dramatically increase food prices to put the colony on rations to increase unrest
  2. Use existing agents recruited by Lorek and by Jarek himself to smuggle information into the colony on the subject of Lorek’s control of the batarian artifacts, and Jarek’s continued role in preserving batarian culture
  3. Name a Senator for Logasiri from the “government in exile” and have that person confirmed by the Senate, forcing Logasiri to respond with a candidate of their own
  4. Recruit heavily among the locals for a pro-Jarek insurgency
  5. Coordinate with assets on the ground to take the governor’s palace while fomenting pro-Jarek sentiment amidst mass protests

Jarek gave it some thought, and decided to nominate his wife Kal’Aine as Senator. He arranged with Kimberly Hock to design an appropriate wardrobe to express her new position, and sent her off with the other Senators to Omega. They were apparently both willing to take the risk that she might be assassinated just to aggravate Aton Kal’Hirek even further. After all, Kal’Aine had just been freed from under his nose a few months ago, and having his former prized slave placed into a position to speak for his colony without his say would certainly provoke the intended response.

While the senators were here, I observed on Kragg’s monitors the most unusual bar fight I’ve ever seen. Apparently a small group of elcor swaggered into Seventh Heaven. Their leader knew Malintzin, who was watching Brittney dance. There was apparently bad blood between them. It became a six-on-one brawl. I’ve never seen seven elcor engage in non-lethal violence. It was… instructive. Malintzin, it turns out, could more than hold her own. Although she did get thrown into a rack of bottles, covered in various sticky liquors, and ultimately tripped to the ground, she gave better than she got before Nova stepped in with an impressive display of biotics. The Senator for Thunawanuro apologized to Nova in person. He was one of my fellow slaves that Nova rescued from Vatar and so he felt even more remorseful than one might expect for the misbehavior of his subordinate.

After the Senators left, Kragg was invited to a very unusual ceremony. He, along with Nova, Kragg, Drala, Iris, Siala, and Jarek were invited to the quarters given to Aaron and Elsa Philips. Apparently Elsa Philips, having been rescued from drug-addled sex-slavery in the pits of Omega by the invitees, and having recovered somewhat from her ordeal with the aid of Kragg, Iris, and the Inusannon, had decided that she was unlikely to recover from the psychological ordeal, and was choosing to give herself to be joined with the Inusannon. Apparently the Inusannon have a ritual where the intended inductee gathers her “people”, usually family, explains her reasons, defends those reasons from objections, whereupon the family bears witness to the transformation and stands vigil if they care to do so until its complete.

Apparently many of the invited had misgivings, but others were simply interested. The consensus was that it was ultimately her choice. I’m not good at reading people, but I gather her husband was not entirely happy with her decision, but tried to support her.

The process itself was… very interesting to observe, and very ritualized. Three Inusannon participated. Two provided light restraint, while the third touched her head and, apparently, linked minds, showing her something that caused her to zone out in bliss while the extruded bits of himself infiltrated her facial orifices before detaching and invading her cranium.

Kragg began detailed medical scans, while Siala was mentally joined with one of the Inusannon, observing the process from Elsa’s point of view.

Apparently, the Inusannon “buds” slowly transform soft-tissue and neurological systems electro-chemically to bond and convert into Insuannon biological material. The parasite keeps the host’s bone and muscle structure, replacing digestive organs, the brain, most mucus membranes, etc. with their own expanding substance. The process took about three days from start to finish. Aaron didn’t last much past the first few minutes before heading out and getting drunk with Nova. Kragg and I stayed for most of it, leaving for food and rest before returning. At the end of that time, the new Inusannon, who chose the name “Sunset”, greeted everyone.

It was interesting, but I doubt I’ll be volunteering for the process. Kragg expressed some interest, however, and asked whether pre-existing cybernetic implants impair the process. Apparently bone and muscle cybernetics don’t cause problems, but anything interfacing with neurology is simply incompatible, and possibly harmful. It would appear Inusannon prefer to install their own cybernetic implants after conversion. This seems to make sense. Most implants are keyed to specific species after all.

Thus far, there have been no assassination or abduction attempts on Kragg. ELI did inform us that he had done a material-composition scan on the Leviathan orb when it was brought aboard Ackerman station, and he provided the material-analysis to Kragg. Kragg got some gas spectrometers from Siala and adapted them into his existing scanning systems. It would appear that we have the capacity to detect if anyone tries to smuggle such a sphere aboard the station via any of the areas covered by the scanners. Siala indicated that she would share this data with Artemisia T’Caria for the security of Omega. I can’t help but think that once we get the relay working again, the Leviathans and their proxies will be the galaxy’s chief challenge.

Omega Nebula Senate


Personal Log: Cassius Cleon, Official Bodyguard to Senator Daro Tas

Awesome. I’m an official bodyguard to a Senator. That means I’ll get invited to all the excellent parties. So this kinda snuck up on us. I’ll back up.

So, a few days back, Justicar Artemisia got calls from Jarek Bal’iban and Siala Jonis talking about the Leviathans. Apparently they’ve taken over Uwan Oche with their creepy mind-control, and tried to take over Talaria Station. They ended up killing Ashe, the “Leviathan ambassador”. This caused some understandable concerns about what these enigmatic beings were playing at. We didn’t have a lot of time to worry about it, though, because Aria T’Loak called Atma over to her ship to relay the news that the “Omega Nebula Senate”, which had previously met on Talaria station near Imorkan, was planning on setting up permanent shop on Omega, dissolving and absorbing our local Omega Coalition. They could do this, apparently, because most of our coalition members are, in fact, also nebula-wide factions that have Senators. For example, our local Blue Suns representative Garik Selan was simply told by his superior, the Senator for the Blue Suns, Solem Del’Serah, that he would be stepping aside in favor of his boss. This happened with nearly all our coalition members. The Senate just pulled rank and was going to move in and take over.

There were a few wrinkles, namely those coalition members representing purely Omega factions. This included Lily Asada, whose “Mother’s Faithful” haven’t spread too far afield yet, the Talons led by Nimmor Kandros who had been making efforts to be a big merc company, and who were even thinking of becoming Aria’s official army out at her new colony until her fleet got so big they realized they wouldn’t really be moving up, and Atma herself, who represents Aria’s organization, most of which Aria herself is gutting and taking with her. It looked like those coalition seats would simply be dissolved.

So Aria is starting this big new colony she’s decided to call “Thessaly.” She insists that a colony world of that size and potential importance needs a Senator, and she chose her daughter Atma as that Senator, so Atma keeps her seat. As for Lily…

Well, Lily talked to Nimmor, then went and talked to Garath the Quelled and Helena Blake while Nimmor talked to the other minor gangs, and soon there was a proposed Senate seat representing Omega itself, with Lily as Senator. It looks like Nimmor prefers the “behind the scenes” role.

That whole time, Artemisia was working out how to turn her rag-tag Omega Patrol (a force full of corruption and factionalism, drawn as it is from factions of criminals and mercs) into an actual police force along the lines of C-Sec. She also had the nightmare of dealing with the sudden influx of really important people with really dangerous enemies. She put together an action plan to create secure cordons between ship berths and designated quarters for the VIPs. The coalition then voted to convert Aria’s old “secret bunker” from which she launched her retaking of Omega into the new Senate chambers, where meetings can be held. It’s kinda perfect, it’s connected to everything, and really secure, and fairly spacious.

There were a lot of side conversations I wasn’t privy to, but politics were flowing. I did see Aria’s old lieutenant Grizz come up to Atma and confess his undying love for her. She told him that if they ever had sex he’d die horribly. He seemed a bit confused, since Silana acts like her lover, but she explained matters and let him down surprisingly easy for Atma. He was disappointed, but decided to head off with Aria to her new colony.

Then came the pageantry. The Senators all arrived, with Grothan Pazness, the Senator for Lorek and chairman, arriving with a big retinue, including some folks I remember from our heroic venture there (I still miss the fruit baskets).

There were speeches. The coalition members stepped aside for their factions’ senators. Aria was there. There was a big deal made about her new colony, and her appointment of Atma as her Senator. Lily stood up and petitioned the Senate to be named Senator for Omega, which passed handily, mostly because Senator Pazness gushed about her heroics and ideals. I think he was sucking up to her a bit. Then, much to my surprise, Daro Tas come forth backed up by a bunch of other volus and their associates. He was decked out in a fancy and stylish new pressure-suit, probably made by that fashionista friend of his, and he petitioned to be made Senator for the Elkoss Combine. There was some grumbling about a corporation getting a senator, but he rightly pointed out that they’re the ONLY company in the nebula that’s more or less intact, and that they’ve single-handedly kept the currency and economy afloat. He was named Senator. Then the Inusannon petitioned for a seat, and they got one too. They claimed to be a million-strong, and have their own colony on Eingana.

At the end of the day, there were Senators for:

  • Blue Suns – Solem Del’Serah
  • Eclipse – Kiris Vala
  • Blood Pack – Torol Wrye
  • Red Dawn – Matriarch Galliae
  • Star Herons – Ji Xue
  • Thunawanuro – Korovomburan
  • Lorek – Grothan Pazness
  • Thessaly – Atma T’Kala
  • Imorkan – Siala Jonis (represented by Derhan Paz’hess)
  • Eingana (Inusannon) – Coral
  • Omega – Lily Asada
  • Elkoss Combine – Daro Tas

Artemisia was confirmed as the head of Omega’s internal security forces, although they haven’t come up with a formal title yet.

Amidst all the Senate business of trying to get ground rules established, Atma brought up the subject of the Leviathans. Most of the Senators had never heard of them. That’s when a “representative” from the Leviathans made himself known.

He was a human named Sanjay Kaurav, and he claimed that although no “Leviathans” reside in the nebula, they have the capacity for QEC-like communication, and can be of great service to the Senate. They explained that they were interested in diplomatic engagement, and had sent an ambassador to Talaria station until agents from Talaria attacked Leviathan holdings unprovoked. The ambassador tried to depart the station, understandably concerned for his life, but was assassinated.

Sanjay made it clear that the Leviathans consider the Senator from Imorkan to be untrustworthy and unreliable, but were willing to engage with the Senate as a whole. They informed the Senate that they, through proxies, had repaired the Eagle Nebula relay, and would be happy to provide technical expertise on the Sahrabarik relay. This caused a huge stir among the Senators and their people. Sanjay stepped aside, whereupon Artemisia sent via omnitool her entire file on the Leviathans to each Senator.

I didn’t get a copy, but I imagine it said something like: “These guys built the Reapers, oh, and they can indoctrinate you from afar.” I assume this based on the looks on some of their faces as they read the file. They tabled the matter for “further consideration.”

But the best part, of course, was when Daro Tas asked me to be his personal, official, Senatorial Bodyguard. Parties and hot turian girls here I come.

Ackerman Station


File 462.H18, Gillian vas Idenna

Upon our return from Lorek, Governor Jonis instructed me to guard Kragg at all times. This has proven difficult to do, as he spends much of his time in the converted cargo area with his growing brood, all of whom insist on… touching me, and otherwise interacting with me. I’ve had to seal myself fully into the quarian suit to avoid grubby vorcha fingers all over me. Fortunately Siala updated my instructions to permit them private time so long as I guard approaches.

Siala and her advisors decided that an expedition to the former Cerberus laboratory dubbed “Ackerman Station” where Magnum and Silana were created was in order. The thought was that bringing Nova Noir into proximity may reveal certain systems otherwise concealed, and thereby not stripped by the Uwan Consortium that currently controls the station. Despite the risks, Kragg was deemed a necessary addition due to the possibility of encountering Cerberus technology, and so I accompanied them.

We took the Plerion, captained by the capable Malintzin. Our strike force consisted of Nova, Kragg, Drala, Jarek Bal’iban, and Brother Astrophel. I continue to be deeply disconcerted by Brother Astrophel, but was a model underling the entire journey. Still, I considered him the most likely danger to my charge, and so kept a close eye on him.

We approached the station, located at the L4 point of the planet of Uwan Oche. It was hard to spot, seeming to float dead in space. There were no ships nearby, and the station was giving off no emissions. As we approached, however, we were able to ascertain mass effect shielding, as well as subtle emissions indicating internal power and life support.

We boarded the station. We found it populated mostly by batarians, dressed in Uwan Consortium gear, along with what were once apparently slaves. All inhabitants, however, were moving in fixed, drone-like fashion, performing tasks with little mindfulness or awareness of our presence. I’ll amend that, they were aware, they just weren’t reacting in a typical fashion. My capacity to read people in social situations is, I acknowledge, fairly limited, and so I was comforted to realize that they were, in fact, acting aberrantly. Drala recognized this behavior, and put details together. It would appear that all the inhabitants of this station were under the direct control of the Leviathans, that distant species that supposedly created the Reapers that Dr. Bryson warned us about.

As we entered the room, Nova suddenly froze. It appears some sort of system was attempting a crude take-over of her cybernetic systems. Kragg activated a jammer that freed Nova from these attempts. Kragg then accessed the station’s systems while the station’s inhabitants walked around us, intent on their purposes. A strange, garbled machine noise erupted from the terminal. Kragg discovered something that resembled an AI system that appeared to be pleading for help.

At this point, the drone-batarians noticed us, surrounded us in a half-arc, and insisted we leave. That’s when Jarek revealed his face from under his helmet and invoked ongoing diplomatic relations, indicating that our business would be quick and we’d be on our way. The thought, I think, was to find the Cerberus tech and leave the leviathans and their slaves alone. An asari-drone insisted on accompanying us.

Kragg led us through the station until we reached something resembling a computer core. The door wouldn’t open, and the asari-drone insisted we not enter. Kragg contacted the machine we were trying to find, and it overrode the door… and overrode most of the internal systems, causing chaos. The asari-drone detonated in a biotic blast before Jarek incapacitated her. We fled into the chamber beyond. Inside, we discovered the truth of the captive AI. It was, apparently, a human, wired via extensive cybernetics into the system.


I went to school with David Archer at Grissom academy. I knew what Cerberus, and his brother, had done to him. He had a mind like mine, different than usual. His talents were with numbers and machines, and his brother tried to wire him into the geth. It appears that Dr. Ackerman had read Dr. Archer’s papers, and being a talented cyberneticist, improved on the design. The system seemed carefully calibrated to keep a person alive indefinitely, feeding nutrients and eliminating wastes. His mind was, effectively, the intelligent operating system linked to a host of VI-assisted subroutines. That’s just what I got from looking at it. I’m sure Kragg and Nova figured it out even faster.

We didn’t have a lot of time, however, as the leviathan’s drones were massing for a collective attack. Jarek and Brother Astrophel moved to secure the door while Nova rapidly accessed the system to pull the human out, and Kragg treated minor wounds. A wiry human dropped from a ceiling grate holding two grenades, which he sacrificed himself to detonate. My barriers were already battered by the asari-drone’s attack, and the grenade knocked me behind some equipment, dazing me for a few moments. In that time, Nova pulled the human out, and Brother Astrophel counterattacked, demonstrating… appalling lack of self-restraint in his biotics. His implants were clearly draining him of something vital, but the torrent of biotic power he directed into the hall effectively cleared it of drones. They fled, taking the dying human with them. Kragg believed, apparently, that he could keep him alive somehow. Drones were filling the room, and I considered fighting rear-guard, but then I recalled that these drones require a control sphere, and I decided the best way to guard Kragg is to stop his attackers from attacking. I entered the ducts and sought central storage areas.

I could hear the others fighting their way back to the ship. I had to flare apart a number of storage areas, destroying crates and supplies, before I finally found the one where the sphere was hidden in an otherwise unremarkable box. As I destroyed it, Drala found me. As anticipated, the fighting stopped.

We rendezvoused by the accessway to the ship. The path there was covered in gore, but the surviving drones had recovered themselves. We engaged in a more thorough clean-up operation. Kragg recovered some of the strange technologies that the drones were working on. We took supplies and omni-gel. We also took the 62 survivors (some wounded) aboard the ship in cramped but serviceable condition. Drala took the 12 former slaves to the crew quarters, separating them from their former masters while Jarek calmed down the batarians. They had lost about a month and a half of time. It would appear that they fell under the sway of the leviathans shortly after the Aria-led assault on Black Star. It would appear the Leviathans simply moved their operations from Vatar to Uwan Oche.

We opted not to go to the mining planet doubtless controlled by Leviathans, and instead to hurry to Talaria. Concerned that the human computer would die, Malintzin pulled some extremely dangerous acts of FTL navigation to get us back in about half the time.

We arrived to discover a stand-off around Talaria. Apparently, Ashe, our Leviathan-ambassador, had been covertly spreading the influence of his sphere around, particularly to the security staff in charge of guarding him. There was an attempted coup. Siala was captured, and Ashe sought to negotiate a ship and an escape. Jardum Avot and Zaphuel, however, managed to maintain control of security HQ and C&C, and lieutenant-governor Derhan Paz’hess was alerted. He blockaded Talaria to prevent any escape ships from leaving.

We made contact with Jardum and Zaphuel and a plan was conceived. We would convince Derhan to remove the blockade, Zaphuel and Jardum would give in to the enemy demands, but not before Drala infiltrated herself aboard the station, and then aboard the ship being given them. The plan was, she would disable the FTL engines, then seek to destroy Ashe’s sphere, hopefully bringing the others back to themselves and preventing escape.

Kragg intended to also infiltrate the station on the theory that getting to his lab could enable him to assist the station should the initial plan go awry. I accompanied him. This was good, as his laboratory space was apparently a tactical target, and while they couldn’t get through his traps (and his defending brood of vorcha-lings) they were guarding it. I felt a bit of a twinge killing five of my fellow security officers, but they were compromised. I got Kragg into his lab.

It would seem Drala was successful. Ashe and his controlled underlings got Siala onto the ship, but the ship didn’t get far. I’m given to believe Drala destroyed the sphere and killed Ashe. It would seem that during the mutiny, Dr. Bryson once more fell under Leviathan control, despite the portable resistance device Kragg made for her. Perhaps one of Ashe’s minions arranged to turn it off. She surprised Iris Krayt, nearly killing her. Drala found her, however, and got her necessary aid.

Now that Siala is freed, there will be a necessary period of clean-up and damage control. I will continue to guard Kragg.



Timestamp: 2187.0034.121, Internal Log, Silana

The others quailed at taking ten days minimum to travel out to the Kairavamori System to investigate the station where I was made in light of other events, and I can’t particularly blame them. Artemisia was wrapped up in some extensive administrative activities for the Omega Patrol, and is still recovering from her wounds, and so we put off any long-term adventures beyond Omega.

We discovered, quite rapidly, that someone had put a bounty out on Quinn. It was posted in the usual way, with money held in escrow pending proof of his death. Atma put out the word to her people to try to find who posted the bounty. While we waited, a squad from the Star Herons found him, probably because he contacted Ji Xue and her rival factions were tracing her calls… or because she sold him out. She claims otherwise of course. Needless to say, there was some invigorating violence.

The initial warning was brought to us by a young quarian named Sira’Taal nar Omega, an associate of Quinn’s quarian community liason. She was also known to Daro Tas. She apparently plays a human instrument, and spends her evenings inflicting violence upon those who would prey upon her people. I think I like her. She stuck around for the violence and made excellent use of inferno grenades. Daro made excellent use of his Ymir mech.

Atma’s people discovered that the bounty was placed by a small-time smuggling operation out of the moons of Urdak called “The Gray.” Apparently this organization smuggles stolen food and medical supplies, selling them to the underclass of Omega at reasonable prices. In fact, this group is where most of the residents of Lily Asada’s spire get their food. They also buy Elkoss Combine reject products and scrap and refurbish them. The whole operation is entirely low-key and there seemed to be no immediate reason for them to want Quinn dead.

We elicited the aid of Sira’Taal to act as the front for a lure, selling some reject Elkoss goods procured by Daro Tas to the Gray. The buyer showed, the transaction occurred, and Atma confronted him. She got contact information for his superior, a “Jibril,” and negotiations ensued. It appears that the Gray have multiple “board members” and that one of them used some discretionary funds for this. Jibril didn’t seem like he wanted Atma’s attention, and promised to get the bounty recalled, but indicated he wouldn’t be able to do so until a week had elapsed.

Quinn guessed this is because the “investor” or “board member” who did the deed was not immediately available. Daro Tas recalled that the Gray sometimes worked with the infamous former smuggler and current owner of Eightball Station, Kepa de Ochoa. He contacted his sister Ela Variss and managed to use Nightside Station’s elusive information broker to discover that the investor in question was, of course, the mysterious Magnum, who was currently on Eightball station doing business with Ochoa.

Daro contacted Aepheus Virdros to plan an assault. Ultimately, the plan became an infiltration / assassination mission. Me, Quinn, Sira’Taal, and Daro Tas would sneak aboard the station with the aid of Aepheus, find Magnum, and get into position. Then Atma, guarded by Cassius Cleon and Saelan Viris, would show up claiming to need to use Eightball station for a meeting. This would divert the attention of most of the station’s security apparatus, as well as distract Ochoa while the infiltration team executed Magnum. There was some concern that Atma would suffer the same fate as her mother upon setting foot on an Imorkan refueling station, but she was willing to take the risk.

The plan went off more or less as intended. Quinn’s ability to get into places he shouldn’t through sheer charm and use of cunning disguise and deceit was impressive. We made it into the ducts near the suite of rooms Magnum was using and signaled Atma. She chatted up Ochoa while his security reconfigured, and we struck.

Magnum and his lieutenant were alone. Sira’Taal killed the lieutenant bare-handed by channeling shield energy through her gloves in a most-impressive display. Despite some early stumbling from Quinn, fortunately covered by Daro Tas, we were able to focus fire on Magnum and destroy him. Unfortunately, Magnum’s own cybernetic combat capabilities were impressive. While everyone was slightly battered, I took the brunt of the damage and became non-functional. I therefore have no recollection of events after I severed his spine with the phantom sword I was wielding. I’m told he overheated and exploded. That explains the burns.

I came to partial functionality again back on Omega. I’m told we were able to depart without incident, although Kepa de Ochoa is understandably suspicious of Atma now, having realized she was a distraction. Nevertheless, the destruction of Magnum and the death of his lieutenant made any such suspicions a reasonable trade.


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