Mass Effect - Rebirth



Timestamp: 2187.0177.998, Internal Log, Silana

In the aftermath of the successful insurgency on Logasiri, Justicar Artemisia T’Caria and I returned to Omega. I was pleased that nothing unfortunate happened to Atma, and that her grandmother was able to look after her.

Justicar Artemisia leapt into the bureaucracy of her newly re-organized Omega Patrol. She deputized Praetor Gavorn, who is now effectively her Executive Officer, to “translate” her policy decisions into practical training programs. He has begun designing a six-month training regimen for new recruits to properly inculcate in them the necessary memes of ethical law enforcement… at least as much as Omega allows. Gavorn apparently spread the rumor among the Omega Patrol that Sira’Taal is, and always has been, a secret agent / operative of the Justicar’s, thus converting a potential scandal into an object lesson.

It seems that Jamie Bell will be leaving us. I wasn’t present for the conversation he had with Lily Asada but I can guess at his motivations. We are no longer a covert slave-freeing and slave-smuggling outfit, and his sometime-girlfriend is now a major religious figure and a senator. I can see how he might feel at loose ends. He is traveling to Lorek to start an “indentured’s rights” political movement with the aid of Lily’s converts on that planet.

Atma continues to grow into her role as Senator, plying some of her fellow Senators for information and forging alliances, particularly with the Senator from Logasiri, Kal’Aine Bal’Iban.

It would appear that Quinn was somehow tricked into getting drunk by the Senator for the Star Herons, Ji Xue, who was miffed that she wasn’t invited to the meeting that planned the assault on Logasiri, especially since he, a mere pilot, was. I don’t believe he was tricked into revealing any sensitive information, but it did result in an odd meeting between him, the Justicar, Jorgal Nask, and Ganar Kurg at a varren-fighting bar called the Randy Varren. Apparently “pork” is a human dish known for its anti-hangover properties, and consists of a mostly tasteless pudding-like paste.

Saelan Viris approached the Justicar once more. He clarified that the mission to the galactic core isn’t necessarily a “suicide” mission, but he doesn’t want to give a false estimation of their chances. Technically, they could wait until moments before the point of impact, and activate the relay to fly home just before it’s destroyed. That requires everything to go right, and for the Vessel of the Leviathans not to have deactivated the relay for whatever process it’s working on. After discussing the difficulty of finding a sufficiently talented “commander Shepard-like” person able to convince high-value people to risk nearly certain death for them, Lily decided that she would volunteer to lead the mission.

Lily has no qualifications for this mission aside from one: she has an unusual capacity to inspire others. It seems likely that she’ll be able to provide the potential motivating factor. Hopefully Siala Jonis and the others on Talaria Station can provide further assets and resources for this mission to provide optimal chances of success.

While Lily engaged in the necessary politics to ensure her succession on the Senate (and martyrdom among her religion, if it comes to that), Artemisia got a call from Gavorn. He indicated reports of increased disappearances in the depths of the Daru spire. Not enough to really make the news, but more than could be readily accounted for by the usual attrition, especially now that the slave market down there was shut down. Artemisia gathered a group including me, Cassius Cleon, Sira’Taal, Ganar Kurg, and Quinn and headed down there. Atma suggested we talk to Rannis Krull, a broken, ancient Krogan shaman who was locally known in the depths of the spire as something of an oracle. We passed below the parts of the spire controlled by Lily’s people and into the depths where things are more… desperate. We intimidated the locals out of doing anything stupid and found Krull.

He was surprisingly knowledgeable about things outside his hovel, and informed us that a recent Inusannon conversion ceremony went awry. Apparently, in a tiny percentage of cases, something goes wrong and the newborn inusannon gets an incomplete transfer of the parent’s neural patterns resulting in something like corrupted data. Basically it goes insane. This one killed the parent, and so the other inusannon didn’t know about it. It then slunk into the depths of the Daru spire where it has begun parasitically converting anything it could get its tentacles on.

We sent Quinn to scout it out. He found the creature, a mostly-converted former Batarian, surrounded by what Quinn called a “tentacle orgy” of half-transformed people, writhing in a sub-sentient fashion. It was decided that Artemisia should report to the Inusannon and see if they had any advice. She, Sira’Taal, and I headed higher to get omni-tool reception, fighting off an ill-advised assault from a mass of poor, desperate idiots on the way. We talked to the inusannon ambassador via her translator Kallista. Apparently this sort of thing happens in less than one percent of inusannon conversions, and the broken results are often put out of their misery. It’s an embarrassing truth that Kallista openly compared to the existence of Ardat Yakshi. She asked that we not tell anyone, kill as many of the malformed things as we could while the Inusannon put together a coordinated response.

We headed back down just in time to see the companions we’d left behind fleeing away from the oracle’s hovel. It wasn’t entirely clear what they were fighting, but the hovel itself was defended by a dozen biotic vorcha and a strong barrier. As we pursued our companions, tentacle-creatures dropped down on us from above. I was momentarily incapacitated by neural data, but my defense systems activated, knocking the thing away from me. The Justicar was able to shred the neurology of the one on her, while Sira’taal turned the one on her into a chunky black mist, although not before receiving an unfortunate suit breach. We then rendezvoused with the others to discover that the horde of converted creatures was stalking them in the ducts and pipework. We kept moving until we found the large former storage-tank which was apparently their nest, containing only the originating creature. Quinn and Kurg killed it, then Kurg leapt into the center of the cistern-like tank making a lot of noise to lure the pursuing mass of psychically-enraged creatures into the tank with him. Quinn moved to an advantageous spot to pull him out while Sira’tall arranged timed inferno-grenade destruction, and the Justicar, Cassius, and I provided covering fire to herd the creatures into the trap.

It all went off more or less without a hitch. We burned the creatures and made our escape. A subsequent net of patrolling Inusannon found a few stragglers and put them out of their misery. Hopefully that’s the end of that infestation.


“Apparently “pork” is a human dish known for its anti-hangover properties, and consists of a mostly tasteless pudding-like paste.”

Insane inusannon buds

Wtf was this game


Peg’s Krogan had a very… incomplete knowledge of human foodstuffs :)

And yeah, horror-movie Inusannon monsters…


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