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Law and Order


Personal Log of Cassius Cleon, Bodyguard to Senator Daro Tas

That would have been an exciting fight, but between Artemisia’s biotic vorcha and Lily’s damn cult, poor Silana and I barely got any shots off. I mean, I guess it’s a good thing no Senators were seriously harmed, especially their apparent target, the new Senator for “Logasiri’s government in exile” Kal’aine Bal’iban, but I thought any gang of mercs hired to assassinate a senator would be made of harder stuff. Hell, even my boss intimidating them into running with that giant hand cannon of his.

Oh, so, yeah, it seems the Senate is fucking with Logasiri. Apparently old Jarek Bal’iban, who hangs out over on Talaria Station, was once the governor before being ousted by the current guy. Back during the Black Star war that shattered that organization, a bunch of us did some covert ops on Logasiri to free Jarek’s family from slavery and, incidentally, steal their naval flagship out from under them. It seem that Jarek, and the “Senator for ”/wikis/imorkan" class=“wiki-page-link”>Imorkan" Siala Jonis, and the Senators of the Blue Suns, Red Dawn, and Lorek have come up with a plan to really fuck with them by naming Jarek’s wife as “Senator” representing Logasiri. Now, obviously, this is a personal insult to the governor of that planet, who until recently had her as a trophy slave. The plan is apparently to prompt them into action while simultaneously destabilizing their regime for something of a little war.

So far so good, except of course that Kal’aine is now target #1 for every Logasiri assassin or agent.

Things were pretty calm at first. The biggest issue seemed to be the “surprise revelation” that many members of Artemisia’s Omega Patrol were regularly taking bribes and protection money from the residents of Omega. I know, not really a surprise. She confronted her people, and they all kinda looked at her like “well, yeah, of course… why shouldn’t we?” Clearly there needed to be some extensive shifts in the “culture” of Omega’s police force. First, Artemisia gathered evidence, then she went to the Senate and proposed that her force be independent, paid for and working for the Senate itself, and not people donated by the member factions. The Senate’s factions should provide funds placed into a pool for paying the police, but members of the Patrol should not be permitted to be members of both the Patrol and their original faction.

This passed reasonably effectively. It was when the subject of bribery being removed as a revenue stream came up that debate got lively. It seems the Senate wants to keep their overhead down. With some overt pressure applied to multiple other Senators by Lily, and some persuasive words from Artemisia and behind-the-scenes shenanigans, the Senate grudgingly agreed that bribery was a “bad thing.”

While this was being decided, however, one of the people helping Artemisia gather intel on the bribe-takers, a quarian named Sira’Taal, decided to take matters into her own hands and attacked the patrol group, apparently putting her fist through the head of the turian who was heading up this bit of disobedience against Artemisia’s edict. She followed up that remarkable display with inferno grenades and assault-rifle fire that routed the patrol and cause some collateral damage. She managed to escape, but the many senators were outraged, and insisted that any slaying of an official peace officer should be met with the harshest sanctions… and they weren’t wrong in this.

I know Sira is a sometime ally of Quinn and Daro, but that shit was a bit… disproportional. I don’t envy Artemisia the job of figuring out what to do with a crazy vigilante with no sense of proportion… I mean, especially since Justicars kinda have that exact same reputation.

It was while the senate meeting was breaking up that we were ambushed by the team of mercs. They were obviously aiming for Senator Kal’aina, but Atma took a bit of a hit. My own charge was knocked over in the initial rush (they unriveted the wall plating and literally came through the walls) but he got back up and was fine. I figured suppressing fire was the way to go, and it worked pretty well. Some of the attackers turned against their friends. Apparently they were converts to Lily’s religion. Artemisia’s biotic vorcha came out of nowhere, and between that back-up, and some terrifying acts of combat prowess from Quinn and Artemisia, with Atma and Daro being their usual intimidating selves, the attack was routed and the assailants captured.

I’m given to believe Atma put in some footwork with her contacts to trace the assault. Yep. Logasiri hired ‘em, and the local office of the Uwan Consortium was employed to arrange their intended getaway. Atma took the one asari member of the squad as her personal assistant… seems an odd way to treat a would-be assassin that you’ve just shot in the face, but she’s a weird person.


There are probably words Siala would be less pleased to hear in this context than ‘Uwan Consortium’, but I can’t think of any right this second.

Law and Order

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