Mass Effect - Rebirth


Timestamp: 2187.0034.121, Internal Log, Silana

The others quailed at taking ten days minimum to travel out to the Kairavamori System to investigate the station where I was made in light of other events, and I can’t particularly blame them. Artemisia was wrapped up in some extensive administrative activities for the Omega Patrol, and is still recovering from her wounds, and so we put off any long-term adventures beyond Omega.

We discovered, quite rapidly, that someone had put a bounty out on Quinn. It was posted in the usual way, with money held in escrow pending proof of his death. Atma put out the word to her people to try to find who posted the bounty. While we waited, a squad from the Star Herons found him, probably because he contacted Ji Xue and her rival factions were tracing her calls… or because she sold him out. She claims otherwise of course. Needless to say, there was some invigorating violence.

The initial warning was brought to us by a young quarian named Sira’Taal nar Omega, an associate of Quinn’s quarian community liason. She was also known to Daro Tas. She apparently plays a human instrument, and spends her evenings inflicting violence upon those who would prey upon her people. I think I like her. She stuck around for the violence and made excellent use of inferno grenades. Daro made excellent use of his Ymir mech.

Atma’s people discovered that the bounty was placed by a small-time smuggling operation out of the moons of Urdak called “The Gray.” Apparently this organization smuggles stolen food and medical supplies, selling them to the underclass of Omega at reasonable prices. In fact, this group is where most of the residents of Lily Asada’s spire get their food. They also buy Elkoss Combine reject products and scrap and refurbish them. The whole operation is entirely low-key and there seemed to be no immediate reason for them to want Quinn dead.

We elicited the aid of Sira’Taal to act as the front for a lure, selling some reject Elkoss goods procured by Daro Tas to the Gray. The buyer showed, the transaction occurred, and Atma confronted him. She got contact information for his superior, a “Jibril,” and negotiations ensued. It appears that the Gray have multiple “board members” and that one of them used some discretionary funds for this. Jibril didn’t seem like he wanted Atma’s attention, and promised to get the bounty recalled, but indicated he wouldn’t be able to do so until a week had elapsed.

Quinn guessed this is because the “investor” or “board member” who did the deed was not immediately available. Daro Tas recalled that the Gray sometimes worked with the infamous former smuggler and current owner of Eightball Station, Kepa de Ochoa. He contacted his sister Ela Variss and managed to use Nightside Station’s elusive information broker to discover that the investor in question was, of course, the mysterious Magnum, who was currently on Eightball station doing business with Ochoa.

Daro contacted Aepheus Virdros to plan an assault. Ultimately, the plan became an infiltration / assassination mission. Me, Quinn, Sira’Taal, and Daro Tas would sneak aboard the station with the aid of Aepheus, find Magnum, and get into position. Then Atma, guarded by Cassius Cleon and Saelan Viris, would show up claiming to need to use Eightball station for a meeting. This would divert the attention of most of the station’s security apparatus, as well as distract Ochoa while the infiltration team executed Magnum. There was some concern that Atma would suffer the same fate as her mother upon setting foot on an Imorkan refueling station, but she was willing to take the risk.

The plan went off more or less as intended. Quinn’s ability to get into places he shouldn’t through sheer charm and use of cunning disguise and deceit was impressive. We made it into the ducts near the suite of rooms Magnum was using and signaled Atma. She chatted up Ochoa while his security reconfigured, and we struck.

Magnum and his lieutenant were alone. Sira’Taal killed the lieutenant bare-handed by channeling shield energy through her gloves in a most-impressive display. Despite some early stumbling from Quinn, fortunately covered by Daro Tas, we were able to focus fire on Magnum and destroy him. Unfortunately, Magnum’s own cybernetic combat capabilities were impressive. While everyone was slightly battered, I took the brunt of the damage and became non-functional. I therefore have no recollection of events after I severed his spine with the phantom sword I was wielding. I’m told he overheated and exploded. That explains the burns.

I came to partial functionality again back on Omega. I’m told we were able to depart without incident, although Kepa de Ochoa is understandably suspicious of Atma now, having realized she was a distraction. Nevertheless, the destruction of Magnum and the death of his lieutenant made any such suspicions a reasonable trade.


Aww, Magnum’s gone? I’m gonna miss him. ;-)


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