Mass Effect - Rebirth

Omega Nebula Senate


Personal Log: Cassius Cleon, Official Bodyguard to Senator Daro Tas

Awesome. I’m an official bodyguard to a Senator. That means I’ll get invited to all the excellent parties. So this kinda snuck up on us. I’ll back up.

So, a few days back, Justicar Artemisia got calls from Jarek Bal’iban and Siala Jonis talking about the Leviathans. Apparently they’ve taken over Uwan Oche with their creepy mind-control, and tried to take over Talaria Station. They ended up killing Ashe, the “Leviathan ambassador”. This caused some understandable concerns about what these enigmatic beings were playing at. We didn’t have a lot of time to worry about it, though, because Aria T’Loak called Atma over to her ship to relay the news that the “Omega Nebula Senate”, which had previously met on Talaria station near Imorkan, was planning on setting up permanent shop on Omega, dissolving and absorbing our local Omega Coalition. They could do this, apparently, because most of our coalition members are, in fact, also nebula-wide factions that have Senators. For example, our local Blue Suns representative Garik Selan was simply told by his superior, the Senator for the Blue Suns, Solem Del’Serah, that he would be stepping aside in favor of his boss. This happened with nearly all our coalition members. The Senate just pulled rank and was going to move in and take over.

There were a few wrinkles, namely those coalition members representing purely Omega factions. This included Lily Asada, whose “Mother’s Faithful” haven’t spread too far afield yet, the Talons led by Nimmor Kandros who had been making efforts to be a big merc company, and who were even thinking of becoming Aria’s official army out at her new colony until her fleet got so big they realized they wouldn’t really be moving up, and Atma herself, who represents Aria’s organization, most of which Aria herself is gutting and taking with her. It looked like those coalition seats would simply be dissolved.

So Aria is starting this big new colony she’s decided to call “Thessaly.” She insists that a colony world of that size and potential importance needs a Senator, and she chose her daughter Atma as that Senator, so Atma keeps her seat. As for Lily…

Well, Lily talked to Nimmor, then went and talked to Garath the Quelled and Helena Blake while Nimmor talked to the other minor gangs, and soon there was a proposed Senate seat representing Omega itself, with Lily as Senator. It looks like Nimmor prefers the “behind the scenes” role.

That whole time, Artemisia was working out how to turn her rag-tag Omega Patrol (a force full of corruption and factionalism, drawn as it is from factions of criminals and mercs) into an actual police force along the lines of C-Sec. She also had the nightmare of dealing with the sudden influx of really important people with really dangerous enemies. She put together an action plan to create secure cordons between ship berths and designated quarters for the VIPs. The coalition then voted to convert Aria’s old “secret bunker” from which she launched her retaking of Omega into the new Senate chambers, where meetings can be held. It’s kinda perfect, it’s connected to everything, and really secure, and fairly spacious.

There were a lot of side conversations I wasn’t privy to, but politics were flowing. I did see Aria’s old lieutenant Grizz come up to Atma and confess his undying love for her. She told him that if they ever had sex he’d die horribly. He seemed a bit confused, since Silana acts like her lover, but she explained matters and let him down surprisingly easy for Atma. He was disappointed, but decided to head off with Aria to her new colony.

Then came the pageantry. The Senators all arrived, with Grothan Pazness, the Senator for Lorek and chairman, arriving with a big retinue, including some folks I remember from our heroic venture there (I still miss the fruit baskets).

There were speeches. The coalition members stepped aside for their factions’ senators. Aria was there. There was a big deal made about her new colony, and her appointment of Atma as her Senator. Lily stood up and petitioned the Senate to be named Senator for Omega, which passed handily, mostly because Senator Pazness gushed about her heroics and ideals. I think he was sucking up to her a bit. Then, much to my surprise, Daro Tas come forth backed up by a bunch of other volus and their associates. He was decked out in a fancy and stylish new pressure-suit, probably made by that fashionista friend of his, and he petitioned to be made Senator for the Elkoss Combine. There was some grumbling about a corporation getting a senator, but he rightly pointed out that they’re the ONLY company in the nebula that’s more or less intact, and that they’ve single-handedly kept the currency and economy afloat. He was named Senator. Then the Inusannon petitioned for a seat, and they got one too. They claimed to be a million-strong, and have their own colony on Eingana.

At the end of the day, there were Senators for:

  • Blue Suns – Solem Del’Serah
  • Eclipse – Kiris Vala
  • Blood Pack – Torol Wrye
  • Red Dawn – Matriarch Galliae
  • Star Herons – Ji Xue
  • Thunawanuro – Korovomburan
  • Lorek – Grothan Pazness
  • Thessaly – Atma T’Kala
  • Imorkan – Siala Jonis (represented by Derhan Paz’hess)
  • Eingana (Inusannon) – Coral
  • Omega – Lily Asada
  • Elkoss Combine – Daro Tas

Artemisia was confirmed as the head of Omega’s internal security forces, although they haven’t come up with a formal title yet.

Amidst all the Senate business of trying to get ground rules established, Atma brought up the subject of the Leviathans. Most of the Senators had never heard of them. That’s when a “representative” from the Leviathans made himself known.

He was a human named Sanjay Kaurav, and he claimed that although no “Leviathans” reside in the nebula, they have the capacity for QEC-like communication, and can be of great service to the Senate. They explained that they were interested in diplomatic engagement, and had sent an ambassador to Talaria station until agents from Talaria attacked Leviathan holdings unprovoked. The ambassador tried to depart the station, understandably concerned for his life, but was assassinated.

Sanjay made it clear that the Leviathans consider the Senator from Imorkan to be untrustworthy and unreliable, but were willing to engage with the Senate as a whole. They informed the Senate that they, through proxies, had repaired the Eagle Nebula relay, and would be happy to provide technical expertise on the Sahrabarik relay. This caused a huge stir among the Senators and their people. Sanjay stepped aside, whereupon Artemisia sent via omnitool her entire file on the Leviathans to each Senator.

I didn’t get a copy, but I imagine it said something like: “These guys built the Reapers, oh, and they can indoctrinate you from afar.” I assume this based on the looks on some of their faces as they read the file. They tabled the matter for “further consideration.”

But the best part, of course, was when Daro Tas asked me to be his personal, official, Senatorial Bodyguard. Parties and hot turian girls here I come.



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