Mass Effect - Rebirth



Timestamp: 2187.0189.003, Internal Log, Silana

Lily Asada took her ship, her top people, and Saelan Viris, to Talaria Station to recruit more skilled personnel for her mission through the Omega-4 relay. Apparently she procured the mysterious ELI that the Talaria people referenced when the subject came up. They also recruited. Dr. Bryson, protecting her with mass effect fields to protect her from Leviathan control. The two drell, Iris Krayt and Drala went along as well. The elcor pilot Malintzin was recruited to fly the ship, and Lily recruited a number of skilled engineers.

As they headed toward the Omega-4 relay, however, they were intercepted by a fleet of Uwan Consortium ships and were repulsed. They ended up back here on Omega, where Lily petitioned the Senate for troops and ships to disperse the corporate fleet.

It was clear the Leviathans had learned of her plans and were using their servants in the former Batarian corporation to defend their interests. The Leviathan representative on Omega, Sanjay Kaurav, made a fuss about unwarranted and undeclared aggression. Atma basically told him to fuck himself, but other Senators took his point to heart. The Eclipse senator, especially, seemed keen on the idea that now that we’re a “senate” we should act like one, with formal rules for declarations of war, and diplomatic immunity, and all that.

Senator Daro Tas agreed with the Eclipse senator, and straight up moved to declare war on the Leviathans. The motion carried, although it wasn’t unanimous. Of particular interest was the representative of Senator Siala Jonis, Derhan Paz’hess, who voted against war. Atma tried to contact Talaria station to find out why, but they were in the midst of an emergency.

We escorted the Leviathan’s representative to a cell. The senate then began a long debate over whether Senators should have immunity from prosecution. The measure passed. They then engaged in a long debate about codifying rules for diplomatic immunity should the relay be opened and we need to deal diplomatically with other organized groups. In the midst of this debate, Quinn was approached by Wyatt Carson on behalf of Helena Blake letting him know that strange, mixed groups of people carrying heavy explosives had been seen moving into Omega’s core superstructure. Quinn informed Artemisia and Atma and Daro, who informed the rest of the senate. Needless to say, the prospect of the station’s core support column being blown up motivated the senate to adjourn and immediately mobilize troops. That’s when the riots broke out.

Artemisia led a small team of Atma, Daro, Quinn, myself, Ganar Kurg and Cassius Cleon, making a beeline for the central support column. Atma’s specs of the station given her by her mother, as well as her contacts on the station ensured we reached the vicinity without difficulty. Quinn called in a favor from Jorgal Nask who flooded the maintenance areas and the central superstructure with his vorcha army to try to stymie Leviathan reinforcements as we went in. We had a brief encounter in the maintenance tunnels with a small group of mixed individuals, clearly under Leviathan control, carrying explosives and an M-920 CAIN. Fortunately we were able to kill them all with only minor Cain backlash, although Artemisia inadvertently blasted an invisible Quinn with her biotics.

We arrived at the central support column to find a large number of assorted people setting up 5 bombs on the central column, and four support columns. Some of them were clustered near another crate that they seemed to think was important. Three krogan held the center of the room. Atma ordered me to take the mysterious crate while the rest of them focused on the bombs. I assessed my chances of successfully killing all thirteen of the well-armed people around the case as about 4%. It seemed a reasonable cause to die for, however, so I charged. I managed to cut down seven of them before I was gunned down, even with the supporting fire of Cassius.

I didn’t see much of the rest of the fight. I’m told that Quinn and Daro took out a bomb each, a sudden influx of biotic vorcha took out a third bomb. Daro then rushed to my aid with Atma’s help and stabilized me. The crate apparently contained a leviathan sphere which began attempting to subvert the minds of all present. Some of the group fired on allies briefly before shaking off the effect. Daro and Quinn were able to eventually destroy the sphere, but not before Ganar Kurg took a rocket to the chest, and Atma, Daro, and Quinn were gunned down, seriously injured. I came to in the last moments of the fight, just in time to begin revenge for what appeared to be the death or near death of everyone except Artemisia. Fortunately, the destruction of the sphere disrupted the opposition. Jorgal Nask sent a vorcha medic who was able to bring Kurg and Daro around. Atma and Quinn were badly hurt but still up, although Quinn has some very impressive new scars. Somewhere in there, Quinn had disarmed the fourth bomb, and Kurg had rushed to throw the last one down the shaft, although he nearly ended up plummetting to his death.

We recovered, ensured all the bombs were deactivated, and waited for news of the riots. It appears small flash riots were distracting the Delta Patrol and Senate forces, presumably to give their bombardiers time to blow the central column. Fortunately, Blake’s information allowed us to intervene in time. The Patrol put down the riots, destroyed two other spheres, and we eventually were able to evacuate our wounded to Daro’s spire.

Daro and Kurg were able to provide medical and technological aid to everyone once they themselves were conscious.

As I was being repaired by Daro, Cassius came to speak to him. He wanted to talk about ardat-yakshi with us both. Apparently, Atma had taken him to talk to the Leviathan prisoner, Sanjay. Even isolated from the sphere effects, he expressed a somewhat fanatical devotion to the Leviathans. She asked Cassius to leave her alone with him. He reported strange noises, and then she struck the door with a cry that may have been pain. When he opened the door, she seemed dazed, and he was dead. She claimed “something came out of him”. Cassius was concerned that perhaps she had used her genetic talents to kill him. The three of us discussed it, and decided there was no need to bring the Justicar into this on such scant evidence.

Five days later, Lily’s team returned. They were missing a number of people, but their mission was a success. They reported that they made it through the relay, and while Lily and the engineering team, along with ELI, prepped the fusion torches on the Reaper corpse, Dr. Bryson, Iris, and Drala entered negotiations with Vessel, the strange Collector agent of the Leviathans. They convinced the leviathans that although most of the people of the Omega nebula were paranoid lunatics, some appreciated the leviathan’s technological superiority. They wanted to help it complete its work. They essentially flattered the leviathans and stalled them, preventing Vessel from shutting down the relay or some other act that might prevent their escape, or foil the mission.

Lily’s people got the hulk moving and Iris and Drala infiltrated the relay superstructure and assassinated Vessel. Lily’s ship, piloted daringly by Malintzin, hit the relay seconds before the reaper hulk did.

A number of people died, including, by some reports, Iris and Drala. I don’t have full information. Teams from Talaria station and Omega moved immediately to begin shutting down the Omega-4 relay with the goal of cannibalizing it’s eezo core.


And yes, I dropped four characters to midnight in that fight :)


It was a rough fight!


Fuck Tuchanka!!


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