Mass Effect - Rebirth



Intelligence Report-Encryption level: Extinguish-15

Operative Zaphuel – Report written, stored for eventual transmission to Kahje

This one has had a most exciting EVA experience. This one hasn’t been EVA since spec-op training on Kahje many years ago.

At first, this one believed the most exciting thing to challenge this one’s talents was the visit from Lily Asada and her small fleet of followers. It would appear that Spectre Saelan Viris convinced Asada to lead the “suicide mission” through the Omega-4 relay to destroy the efforts of the Leviathans on the other side. This one approves of recruiting someone with sufficient charisma among humanoids to effectively recruit the necessary talent. Asada removed ELI, a source of some relief to this one, as ELI’s true motives could never truly be known, and his talents could not be effectively countered. ELI was installed on Asada’s vessel along with other systems to prevent Leviathan sphere-effects by Kragg. This permitted Asada to also recruit Dr. Bryson, the closest thing the nebula has to an expert on Leviathans. This one did not dare hope that the Compact Traitor would elect to join her companion, but that is exactly what happened. Perhaps the mission will truly be a suicide mission after all. Unfortunately, the younger, more promising drell elected to accompany her sister. This one still held to some hope that Drala would someday rejoin the compact and serve both our peoples. The elcor pilot Malintzin was recruited to fly the main frigate. It would seem that their only real hope of surviving the mission is to wait until the point of no return, then fly their ship through the relay just as it’s being destroyed. If anyone can do this, Malintzin probably can. With some mixed feeling, this one hopes they are successful and return safely.

Asada’s visit was challenging only insofar as many of the followers she brought tended to become religiously zealous and cause minor security issues. Asada also gave a speech to five of our stations recruiting technicians and engineers, a number of whom signed up without even knowing where they’d be going. It was uncanny.

Her need for manpower came in the wake of reports that Uwan Consortium ships had been seen in the vicinity of the Omega-4 relay. Shortly after they departed, this one received reports that the Consortium had effectively blockaded the relay preventing Asada and her fleet from going through. This prompted Nova Noir and Siala Jonis to contact Senator Kal’Aine Bal’iban to discuss options. It would appear that notion of a secret assault was becoming less viable. Siala cast her vote for a fast, overwhelming assault on the relay. This one shall see how that goes.

Kragg received a heavily encrypted message from a ship at the edges of the Sahrabarik system. This one is still working on decrypting it, but it precipitated a large transfer of concealed assets and resources from not only Kragg, but Siala and Nova as well. This one suspects it has to do with the clandestine attempts to get the Sahrabarik relay functioning again.

Siala received news that the distant gas mining project in which she had invested alongside the Elkoss Combine was complete, and that two new stations had begun operations.

Nova Noir hired a new security specialist for Seventh Heaven, a turian named Ilam Bironas. He was a slave on Logasiri since before the Reaper war and the Cerberus occupation of Omega. He therefore missed all of the significant events of the last two years. This one finds him charmingly young and disciplined. This one suspects he will be a valuable addition, especially as he demonstrated a certain modicum of cleverness in the aftermath of the EVA incident which this one will shortly be narrating. Siala hired a new medical specialist to replace the Compact Traitor, a salarian female named Toccoa Navarr, who came with a pack of well-trained and unusually-bred varren. An interesting eccentricity. She seems to know her business however.

Things were otherwise quiet when this one received reports from this one’s subordinates of missed reports and missing personnel. The personnel in question corresponded with the security staff who had been compromised by Ambassador Ashe. This one had not been so foolish as to permit those personnel to serve on the same teams or on the same shifts, but nevertheless, they all vanished within the same relatively brief window of time. This one concluded that someone had smuggled a sphere aboard, and moved about the station fairly rapidly collecting anyone susceptible. Fortunately Dr. Bryson had long since departed.

This one reported immediately to Siala Jonis whereupon she and her trusted seconds thought out potential purposes to which these compromised staff would be put. Kragg once more demonstrated his capacity for unusual, asymmetrical thinking. The only evidence we had was that the compromised personnel had thus far evaded any contact with security sweep teams, or even, for that matter, internal surveillance technology. He presumed that the reactor was too obvious a target, as well as too well-defended, but conceived of a way that saboteurs could go EVA and sabotage the mass effect generators that create our refined fuel holding area to prevent the emergency failsafes from activating. At that point, a simple ignition would not vent harmlessly into space, but would destroy the station.

This one, alongside Kragg, his perpetual bodyguard Gillian vas Idenna, Ilam, Brother Astrophel, and Nova Noir herself, went EVA to check out this theory, which proved to be well founded. The compromised personnel were entrenched in a wide ring around the base of the containment sphere in a tactically advantageous position. We came under fire almost immediately. Kragg, Gillian, Ilam, and Astrophel demonstrated an understanding of basic tactics. When fired upon from a superior position, assault that position as quickly as possible. Ilam’s turian military training was most apparent in his capacity to move rapidly notwithstanding the magnetic boots, one of which needed to be in contact with the station at all times. Kragg demonstrated less facility, and twice had to fire makeshift magnetic grapples from his gloves to prevent himself from spinning off into space. Astrophel demonstrated his deadly biotic prowess.

Unfortunately, Nova appeared frozen by the situation, and this one is not a combat operative. This one hung back to provide support to Nova, as well as emergency biotic response should others of the squad become detached from the station.

The assault was ultimately successful, although Gillian was shot through the head by an unexpected sniper. Apparently one of the compromised personnel had donned a gas-jet harness and was floating in space twenty meters out, invisible against the blackness of space, with a rifle. Kragg demonstrated that his grapple devices were also offensive weapons. He managed to short out the sniper’s harness and sent him tumbling toward the immensity of Imorkan above us. Nova shook off her terror and activated her biotics to pull herself to Gillian, which unfortunately resulted in her leaving the station plating. This prompted Astrophel to attempt much the same, resulting in all three of them floating in a biotic bubble in space. Astrophel then towed the other two back to the relative safety of their magnetized footwear.

While this was going on, Ilam and Kragg were finishing off the few personnel entrenched before us. They were spread out dramatically to encircle the base of the containment sphere, so we only had to deal with five total. Nevertheless, one managed to dislodge Kragg and knock him unconscious. This one utilized his biotics to pull Kragg to safety.

At about this point, our opposition collapsed, and the compromised personnel began to panic, not knowing how they were FTA on the side of the station. It would appear that the Leviathan control had been broken.

As we fought in EVA, Siala Jonis, alongside this one’s uncompromised security personnel, and the new doctor Navarr and her pack of varren went hunting through the refining complex just below the containment sphere. Other compromised personnel opposed them, but they found the personnel guarding the sphere, which was in a central location just below the fuel containment systems. Siala destroyed the sphere, returning the compromised personnel to themselves. Siala summarily fired them. This one will look into suitable severance packages and transport to Omega.

Nova Noir rushed Gillian to Dr. Toccoa, whose trauma training was able to keep her barely alive. It would seem that she will live, but recovery may take some time. This is fortunate. Gillian is one of this one’s most potent security assets.

In the aftermath of these events, this one proposed to Siala and her lieutenants that we consider why we in particular had so aroused the attention of the Leviathans that they would seek to accomplish such an elaborate plan to destroy the entire station. In this discussion, Ilam proposed that perhaps they had a puppet in Siala’s organization, either Derhan Paz’hess or another station master, that might rise to the governorship should Siala and her personal retainers be killed. While undue paranoia can ruin alliances, there is wisdom in caution. I will relocate certain espionage assets to Shrike station immediately.



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