Asari "Free Trader"


Aleena is an Asari who is drawing close to her Matriarch years. Most people don’t guess she’s that old, as she continues to pull off an air of dashing space pirate more typical of an Asari half her age. The roguish facade is, however, helped immensely by the confidence and experience only age can bring.


Aleena once traveled the wide galaxy as the captain of the Nebula, a retrofitted yacht under her personal ownership. Aleena took on charters of numerous sorts: passengers needing an irregular voyage, small cargo runs of special import, and the occasional freebie smuggling of escaped slaves. Now that the relays are down, she finds herself in a much smaller pond with some pretty hefty competition.

The Nebula is a comfortable ship, though it’s not the posh and luxurious yacht it once was. As one might expect, the ship has something of a checkered past. Not all of the Nebula’s runs are entirely safe or completely legal, but the ship is outfitted for all sorts of purposes.

Aleena has a wide network of allies and associates she can call on at need. One such ally is the unassuming Volus Daro Tas who has done extensive repair and retrofit work on the Nebula for her. Another is Siala Jonis, owner of Talaria Station, where Aleena refuels (and occasionally drops off an illicit cargo of freed slaves).

Of most interest is, perhaps, the presence of Tessa Murphy aboard the Nebula. Muphy is an older human woman once known throughout the galaxy as the wealthy socialite wife of galactic CEO Alan Murphy. How she ended up aboard a ship owned by an Asari privateer is a bit of a mystery, but she makes herself useful pulling what few corporate and social strings she can find in the Omega Nebula on behalf of her benefactor.


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