Aria T'Loak

Pirate Queen of Omega


“Aria T’Loak” is a person, not a faction, but such is her ego, her ruthlessness, her age and her power, that her organization requires no other name.

Aria came to Omega two hundred years ago where she joined the organization of the Krogan then-ruler of the pirate-haven. She rose to become his most trusted lieutenant before turning on him and seizing control. Rather than kill him, she let him live, gave him the “title” of “Patriarch” and kept him around as a washed-up trophy, a reminder of what happens to those who oppose her.

Although Omega has no true government and no true leader, Aria was the closest the station had for many years. Few things happened on Omega that she did not eventually learn about. She kept the other gangs, syndicates, mercenary companies, pirates, and criminals to heel through cunning, superior intel, sheer personal power and charisma, and incredible ruthlessness.

Shortly before the Reaper invasion of 2186, Aria was forced into exile when Cerberus executed a brilliant military coup, conquering a station most considered unconquerable. She fled to the Citadel where she pulled in two hundred years of favors and debts to cobble together a fleet of mercenaries and pirates. She ultimately managed to retake the station, “liberating” it from Cerberus (and putting it back under her thumb).

The Cerberus coup revealed, however, that Aria could be beaten. Her position was the weakest it has been since she defeated the Patriarch, and a great many groups and factions were slavering at the chance to finally take her down. Her major saving grace was arranging for the vast bulk of Eclipse, the Blue Suns, and the Blood Pack to be elsewhere, fighting the Reapers when the relays went down. With the three biggest threats to her power in the Omega Nebula hamstrung, she had time to rebuild her strength.

But Red Dawn suddenly consolidated to become a significant force, seizing control of the nebula’s fuel sources as well as food. Aria did what she always does when threatened, lashed out with overwhelming force. This led to her betrayal, incapacitation, and capture by Siala Jonis where she vanished into Red Dawn custody for months. Omega fell into bickering hands, shakily unified under a coalition led by Tyler Maddox, Atma T’Kala, and Artemisia T’Caria.

Aria returned, however, as the chosen warlord representing the newly formed Omega Nebula Senate. She was obviously being coerced by Red Dawn and the colony of Lorek, but she led a combined fleet against the Black Star pirates and was victorious. Her prize: a newly discovered garden world to make her own.

Aria and a fleet of ex-pirates, desperate poor, and the Talons are forging a new colony and a new destiny.

Aria T'Loak

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