Bukek ("Buggy") and Sais Ghuress

Batarian Siblings


“Buggy” and Sais Ghuress are a brother / sister pair of batarian siblings. They’re just barely adults by the standards of their people.


“Buggy” and Sais Ghuress grew up on the streets (and in the ducts) of Omega, relying on each other for survival, but also on other duct rats that they gathered to themselves as a makeshift “family.” They rejected much of the dog-eat-dog philosophy common to the desperate-classes on the station, recognizing the need for organization and cooperation for long-term survival.

In the wake of the Cerberus occupation, however, they fled Omega with another member of their adoptive family, the drell teenager Drala, ending up on Talaria station.

“Buggy” has a solid job working the docks, loading and unloading ships, while Sais has begun setting herself up as an information broker aboard the station, using her brother’s dockyard connections, and her own talents at Seventh Heaven.

Bukek ("Buggy") and Sais Ghuress

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