Cynthia Hawkins

Former Alliance Infiltrator


Cynthia is a no-nonsense freckled brunette with the peak physique expected of the Systems Alliance’s best. That said, she tends to minimize her military bearing, and is skilled at blending into places in civilian garb if necessary.


Cynthia Hawkins made it to N4 before the war with the Reapers. She never quite made it all the way to N7, like her friend and former fellow recruit Daphne Asada, but she still saw a lot of action on a lot of battlefields as a stealth and recon marine. She tried to keep in touch with Daphne, and so learned of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding her friend’s fall from grace and rise to every recruiting poster in the alliance. She knew how Daphne’s L2 implants affected her, knew how much her N7 friend missed the field-work and hated the PR work. It didn’t much surprise Cynthia when Daphne left the Alliance to join up with a mysterious private outfit.

When Cynthia’s contacts informed her that Daphne had died fighting Blue Suns on Omega, she knew there had to be more to the story. She made her own way to the nebula and was investigating when the relays went down. Now she’s cut off from the Alliance, from her family, from her friends. She’s tried to keep herself busy and has cultivated an extensive network of spies, allies, and snitches focused around the colony of Lorek, the only vaguely civilized part of the nebula that isn’t Thunawanuro.

Cynthia Hawkins

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