Dr. Daniel Abrams

Doctor in the Gozu District, Omega


Dr. Abrams is a ginger-haired human of middle-years and an empathetic demeanor.


Dr. Daniel Abrams trained under renowned Salarian scientist Dr. Mordin Solus, and helped Dr. Solus in his clinic in the Gozu district on Omega. When a particularly virulent plague struck the district, killing everyone but the humans, Daniel bravely, if naively, went out into the dangerous district to bring the cure to non-humans. He was nearly killed by Batarians who were convinced that humans were spreading the disease, but was saved by Commander Shepard.

Dr. Solus left with the Commander to go on to greater things. Dr. Abrams stayed behind, and continues to run the clinic for the health and betterment of its citizens. He has learned a few things from his former mentor, however, including the benefits of having a stock of combat-capable mechs on hand to deter… trouble.

Dr. Daniel Abrams

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