Dr. Ila Vaeris

Asari Archaeologist


Dr. Vaesir is a driven, some might say obsessive, asari archaeologist specializing in pre-Prothean ancient civilizations, specifically the Inusannon and Thoi’han.


Dr. Vaesir in the scientist in charge of the Binary Helix expedition to Eingana. Among the scientists specializing in biotic flora and fauna, she holds the distinction of being one of the galaxy’s few “experts” on the Inusannon and Thoi’han, ancient species who once fought over Eingana, and whose ancient shipwrecks still litter the planet.

Although the expedition is ostensibly about studying the biotic plant and animal life, one might suspect the corporation’s true movies considering who they put in charge.

Of course, Dr. Vaesir never expected to encounter half a million actual, living Inusannon.

After helping Cyeria Station initiate first contact, she volunteered to spend a week aboard the bizarre Inusannon vessel.

Dr. Ila Vaeris

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