Aria's Lieutenant


Grizz is a middle-aged Turian whose clan-based facial tattoos have faded into near invisibility. He carries himself with casual confidence, and is often overlooked as a mere bodyguard.


Grizz has been with Aria T’Loak for a long time. Ever since he first arrived on Omega as a young gun, chafing at Hierarchy demands, he knew the chaos and challenge of Omega was precisely the place for him. It’s his willingness to consider… unusual methods to achieve his goals that first got him noticed by Aria. It’s his Turian ability to be a loyal soldier that makes him trusted.

Grizz would often act as the handler for various of Aria’s agents who didn’t need to see the boss herself. He would point them at the problem and let them work. If they fucked it up, he’d take a hand in recommending suitable recompense to Aria, or suitable punishment.

When Aria was forced into exile by Cerberus, Grizz was trapped on the station. He spent months hiding from Cerberus troops and mechs, and ultimately provided logistical support to Nyreen Kandros’s Talons. His knowledge of Aria’s secrets permitted the Talons to move about the station more readily than they otherwise might.

Now that Aria is back on Omega, Grizz has taken up his accustomed place at her side. Whether he feels any particular resentment at the rise of Tyler Maddox in the boss’s favor, he doesn’t show it.

He is back to his old habits, however, of cultivating useful contacts and leverage of his own, particularly Aria’s daughter Atma T’Kala. He justifies all the time spent with her (or the surveillance from afar) as keeping an asset safe. It’s pretty clear to those few who have seen them together, however, that he is falling for her…


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