Grothan Pazness

High Councilman for the Transitional Government of Lorek


Grothan Pazness is a charismatic Batarian statesman.


High Councilman Pazness was, until the Reapers attacked, Governor of the colony of Camala. He was outspoken in the early hours of the Reaper assault, blaming the Alliance for the destruction of batarian comm buoys that were, in fact, destroyed by the Reapers. Once liberated from his world, however, the governor underwent a dramatic conversion. His daily extranet videos rallied his formerly conservative, xenophobic subjects to embrace the Citadel species as brothers and sisters in arms. Unlike many batarian politicians, he avoided micromanaging military affairs, content with inspirational tasks and the logistical nightmare of providing urgently-needed relief to batarian refugees.

As the war continued, and the colony of Lorek in the Omega nebula publicly cast off slavery and petitioned to join the Council in their war against the Reapers, Governor Pazness was sent as part of a good-will tour to unify the batarian people. Shortly after he arrived on Lorek, however, the relays went down. He made the best of a bad situation, and has continued to inspire the people of Lorek, helping them stand firm against pressures to revert to the older, slave-taking ways.

Grothan Pazness

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