Jarek Bal'iban

Batarian External Forces (Retired)



Species: Batarian
Class: Soldier

Cool: +1
Hard: +3
Hot: 0
Sharp: +1
Will: 0

Harm: 0:00
Shock: 0:00

Species Move: Retribution
Whenever you take a debility or an ally falls in battle (midnight or beyond on the harm clock), take +1ongoing to all rolls versus those responsible, forever. (All rolls with them directly as a target count, of course. Rolls against their family and friends, minions, or property may count, in the GM’s judgment.)

Class Move: Disciplined Engagement
When you inflict harm, you can choose to inflict any amount of harm you like, less than or up to your harm as established, including reducing the harm to shock. Decide at the moment you inflict the harm; you need not tell anyone in advance how much harm you intend to inflict.

Personal Move: Contact Network (Loyal Batarians throughout Omega)
You have developed an extensive network of allies and contacts who can provide help or resources in a pinch.

Your contacts respect strength. Roll +Hard when contacting them.

At the beginning of the session, or as soon thereafter as you are in a position to do so, you may contact your network and roll the appropriate stat. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. You may spend your hold anytime during that session, 1 for 1, to:

  • Get something done: find one or more contacts to accomplish an off-screen task
  • Lean on someone: convince a character as if you’d rolled a 10+ on seduce or manipulate
  • Gather intel: learn something about a subject as if you’d rolled a 10+ on consult training
  • Analyze intel: gain access to the insight peripheral move for one course of action
  • Borrow Resources: gain temporary access to an item, piece of equipment, or service

On a miss, your network needs a favor in return. Lose access to this move until you satisfy them.

Special Move: Ruthless Rep
At the beginning of the game session, roll +Hard. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a failure, hold 1 anyway out of sheer grit. During the session, you may spend your hold, 1 for 1, to:

  • Incapacitate or disable an NPC
  • Impress, Dismay, or frighten someone as if you’d seized by force and selected that option
  • Apply boosted to any one attempt to go aggro

Class Move: Packing All Kinds of Heat
When you go into battle, choose one of the following:

  • You’ve loaded incendiary ammunition. Add the (burn) tag to your ranged weapon attacks.
  • You’ve loaded armor-piercing ammunition. Add the (ap) tag to your ranged weapon attacks.
  • You’ve loaded disruptor ammunition. Add the (disruptor) tag to your ranged weapon attacks.

During battle, you can change your ammunition loadout on the fly, but you have to act under fire in order to do so.

Diplomat Move: Leverage
When you lean on someone, roll +Hard. On 10+, they comply with your demands without argument. On 7-9, they comply, but (choose 1):

  • They look for payback
  • They do only the bare minimum
  • They tell someone else what you wanted

Soldier Move: Fortification
When you go into battle wearing armor with an on-board shield generator, roll +Hard. On a 10+, gain +2-shield, on a 7-9, gain +1-shield. This bonus lasts the entire battle, and refreshing your shield will include the bonus. At any time during the battle you may purge the foucault currents through your gauntlets for increased melee damage. Inflict +1harm (ap) in melee per point of intact shield purged (you can purge your entire shield rating if you wish). Not compatible with Barrier or Tech Armor.

Personal Move: Pack Alpha (Batarian Commando Squad, currently on Logasiri)
When you try to impose your will on your gang, roll +Hard. On a 10+, all 3. On a 7-9, choose 1:

  • They do what you want.
  • They don’t fight back over it.
  • Their Vulnerability doesn’t activate, or you don’t have to hurt one of them.

On a miss, someone in your gang makes a dedicated bid to replace you as Alpha. If you don’t already have a gang, this move gives you one (see Gear). If you already have a gang, select one more option for them.


Siala Jonis +1 (secret)
Drala +1 (secret)
Nova Noir +3 (secret)
Kragg +1
Brother Astrophel 0
Malintzin +3
Artemisia T’Caria +1
Atma T’Kala -1
Daro Tas +3
Lily Asada +1 (not good)
Quentin “Quinn” Sheehan +0


  • M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol (2-harm close loud)
  • Light Armor (1-armor), hardened leather Batarian semi-formal wear (most Batarian clothing is available as armor)
  • Omni-Tool
  • 3-resources
  • Batarian State Arms Terminator Assault Rifle (3-harm close loud autofire)
  • Personal Shield Generator (2-shield)
  • Detailed knowledge and facility maps relating to the Batarian colony worlds in-system
  • Medium Armor (2-armor), with (removable) officer’s markings/commendations from the External Forces
  • Aerosol dispenser with 3 doses Blood Sand
  • Gang (Commando squad, “Kar’shan’s Vengeance” – 3-harm, 1-armor, 4-shield (+Well-Armed, +Shields, -Obligation)

XP: 1

__ +1 Cool (max +3)
X +1 Hard (max +3)
__ +1 Hot (max +3)
__ +1 Sharp (max +3)
__ +1 Will (max +3)
__ +1 Species Move
X +1 Class Move
X +1 Class Move
X +1 Personal Move
__ +1 Personal Move
X +1 Move from any list

Must have 5 advances from choices above before selecting those below

__ +1 to any Stat (max +3)
__ retire your character to safety and create a new character
__ create a second character to play, so now you’re playing two
__ remove a debility
__ choose 3 basic moves and advance them
__ choose 3 basic moves and advance them
__ invent your own move, subject to GM approval, or +1 Move from any list


Jarek is an older Batarian (b. 2135 CE). As is common in the Terminus Systems, he doesn’t have a lot to say about his past. He will say that he received his combat training while serving in the Batarian External Forces, but he mustered out of active duty years ago. He spent some time working in a civilian role for the Hegemony, but most of that work dried up after the Withdrawl in 2171. Jarek spent most of the next 15 years kicking about the galaxy – he’ll suggest that some of it was mercenary work, some of it business. He lived on Logasiri for at least five years prior to the fall of the Hegemony to the Reapers in 2186, and traveled around the Omega system fairly regularly. Shortly after the Reapers came, he arrived on Talaria Station on Aleena’s ship Nebula.

Rather than moving on to Omega or another destination he opted to remain on Talaria, taking employment working as muscle and managing the drug business for Nova Noir. He hasn’t expressed any particular concern with the mass relay going down, and seems content to remain where he is. He’s friendly but reserved, and carries himself with the air of somebody… classy? (to the degree that any Batarian can be called classy). He makes a point of maintaining relations with the other Batarians living on the station (including two young friends of Drala’s). He shows an obvious disdain any time Logasiri comes up (and a less obvious one when Lorek does).

Jarek Bal'iban

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