Jonah Rush

Kassa Fabrications Representative on Omega


Jonah is a late-middle-aged man, past his prime, and occasionally strung out.


For all of his appearance as a junkie taking a fast slide to self-destruction on Omega, Jonah is a remarkably clever man, and the “unofficial” representative of Kassa Fabrication on Omega. As a company producing some of the finest body-armor in the galaxy, they long since recognized the value of putting an office at the heart of legal, quasi-legal, and illegal mercenary activity in the Terminus systems.

That said, his appearance is not entirely a ruse. Jonah is said to enjoy trying… new substances… from time to time.

Now that the Relay is nonfunctional, Jonah is cut off the home office. He still has some influence, resources, and unsold inventory which has skyrocketed in price.

Jonah Rush

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