Kimberly Hock



Kimberly Hock is a young woman, barely twenty. She has had her hair genetically altered to black, and dresses like a woman halfway between angsty adolescence and messed-up adult, with moments of ruthless grace.


Kimberly Hock is the only child of Donovan Hock, infamous arms dealer and war-profiteer. As the heiress to Hock’s entire estate, she also inherited his extensive list of contacts, contracts, and blackmail material. After exploiting a loophole in Bekenstein’s bankruptcy laws, she fled to the planet of Anhur with nearly all of her father’s vast fortune, to continue his work under the cover of a “legitimate” corporation, Nightwing Fashions.

As luck would have it, she was on Omega when the relays stopped working using her … personal connection to Tyler Maddox to negotiate favorable terms for office, warehouse, and docking space with Aria’s people. She’s cut off from most of her resources, but she’s not without cunning or connections.

Kimberly Hock

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