Malus Apian

Turian Captain of the Avian Rise


Malus Apian is an older turian, getting a bit hoary in the mandible. He has a tangible charisma and a collection of scars, each with an amusing story.


Malus was once a very successful independent pirate operating out of the Omega Nebula. Like most turians who turned pirate, he brought a certain military discipline to the role of pirate captain.

Over the years, he developed a highly-skilled crew that included boarding-action specialists and a large number of engineers and technicians. His crew specialized in stealing ships relatively intact, a difficult and dangerous prospect. Most pirates damage a ship beyond repair, steal everything, and scuttle it. Malus made a tidy profit taking a ship, repairing it, and reselling it.

As he got older, his taste for dangerous scores waned, and his desire for steady profit with a low margin of danger increased. Now, he’s semi-retired, focusing mostly on salvage and repair jobs. He’s currently engaged in salvaging the wreckage of the Normandy SR1 from Alchera on behalf of Logasiri.

Malus Apian

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