Nimmor Kandros

Turian Leader of the Talons


Nimmor is a young Turian missing his left hand. The stories on how he lost it vary, and he hasn’t elaborated. He plays up the “bumbling good-natured harmless” gig, as everyone knows, you need two hands to hold a rifle… At this point, though, few people believe it.


Nimmor was a fixer on Omega. If you needed a thing done, and your job had… complications… he could probably do it, or find someone who could do it. He thrived in Omega’s criminal underclass, managing to somehow be friends with everyone while pissing off no-one.

He always appears to be unarmed, but those rare few who have tried to victimize him are never heard from again.

Much of Nimmor’s power derived from his connection to his sister, Nyreen Kandros. Nyreen was one of Aria T’Loak’s string of lovers. After they split, Nyreen seized control of the Talons gang, forging them into a local powerhouse. When Cerberus took Omega, the Talons became the military core of the resistance, and were ultimately instrumental in helping Aria retake the station. In the process, however, Nyreen died.

Nimmor has taken over as leader of the Talons, casting aside his former pretensions of neutrality.

Nimmor Kandros

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