Philippe Medina

Human Adept


Cool: 1
Hard: -2
Hot: 1
Sharp: 2
Will: 2

Special Move:
Biotic Prodigy
At the beginning of the session roll + Will. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1 anyway because you’re special dammit! During the session, you may spend your hold to take one narrative action with your biotics that is super impressive. Examples include: levitation, short flight, telekinetic acrobatics, snatching objects from people’s hands, lifting other people out of pits, etc.

Species Move:

Will to Power
You are exactly the sort of human that gives your species their current galactic reputation. At the beginning of the session, roll + Will. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. At any time that session, spend your hold 1 for 1 to get an automatic 10+ on go aggro, or seize by force.

Class Move:

Psychotic Biotic
When you seize by force using another Adept move as a weapon, roll +Will instead of +Hard

You may use Shockwave as if it were a weapon (3-harm close implanted messy). When you successfully attack using Shockwave choose 1:
• Add 2-shock
• Hit one additional character in the vicinity of the initial target
• You come under only incidental damage for one tick, even beyond 9:00

Personal Moves:

Force of Will
You can roll +Will to get the effects of going aggro, without going aggro. Your victim has to be able to see you, but you don’t have to interact. If your victim forces your hand, your uncanny presence counts as a weapon doing (2-shock close loud-optional).

Drala 0
Siala -1
Jarek +1
Nova 0


Philippe was a freak, and so were all his friends. At least that’s what he realized when he started at Grissom Academy. All of his classmates in the Ascension Project were there by virtue of having been part of horrible Eezo accidents in utero. Most of them were orphans as a result. Even among his peers Philippe was a freak because, unlike them, his biotic potential was no accident.

Philippe was raised by his father on Noveria – born just two years after the colony was founded. While Philippe’s mother was pregnant with him his father began exposing his mother (without her knowledge) to Eezo. His father got what he wanted – a son with high biotic potential, but it was at the cost of his mother’s life. Philippe was sent to Grissom Academy when the Ascension Project began in 2176. It was several years before Philippe found out what his father had done to his mother, but once he did cut off all contact with him and dropped out of Grissom Academy to spite him.

Philippe decided to go join his girlfriend Molly (well, sort of, he hadn’t actually met her yet but they really bonded over the extranet and really thought they had something special). He never made it to meet her though. The frigate he hitched a ride on broke down in the Omega Nebula on his way to her. Turns out it was for the best. While in the Omega nebula, Philippe met a Volus and ship mechanic named Daro Tos who liked listening in on other people’s conversations. Daro Tos, he learned, had been following Philippe’s angsty, pathetic communications with Molly for several months. When his frigate arrived at the shop Daro worked at, Daro welcomed him like a friend and laughed as dropped the bomb on him – Molly was part of a Batarian slave trade ring and had recently promised them one very capable human biotic.

Philippe is currently working security in shipping since Siala took pity on him (his biotic abilities didn’t hurt).

You have at least one ally! Who is s/he? Daro Tos, Lorik Qui’in was the Turian that helped me dig into my mother’s past (which I started to do once I left for Grissom Academy as my father refused to speak much about my mother). He also helped me secure my financial assets from my father prior to leaving Grissom Academy once he realized what my father was capable of.
You have at least one enemy! Who is s/he? Molly (if that’s even her name, that bitch)
Who is your family? Where are they now? Location of father unknown
Whom or what do you love most? Why? Traveling – being in new places with no sad associations
Whom or what do you hate most? Why? That I no longer have a place to call home
Do you want bad candy? Yes my friend!

Philippe Medina

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