Tormented Experiment


Silana appears to be a fairly ordinary Asari, until one looks closer. Her eyes are entirely artificial, the blue irises glow slightly with a non-biotic light, and tiny microcircuitry can be seen in the whites. Her body is covered in fine scars.


Silana was a prisoner aboard a place she knew as “Gamma Station,” a research facility run by humans who were most likely Cerberus. She was held there for eleven years as they performed increasingly invasive cybernetic surgery on her. Upon healing from each surgery she would be pitted against an assortment of opponents and forced to fight them to the death, presumably to test whatever “upgrades” had been given her. She lived a cycle of surgery and slaughter, suffering torments she has yet to fully describe, to the point where she considers herself to be a soul-less creature, forsaken by the Goddess, a machine good for only slaughter.

When Cerberus suddenly shut down the facility and withdrew, they euthanized their test subjects, including Silana, or so they thought. She faked her death and surprised the last few Cerberus operatives who were mothballing the station, stole their shuttle, and made her way into the “Cyeria Station” network of escaped slaves.

Seeing no path of redemption, she has sworn the Third Oath of Sublimation to the service of Artemisia T’Caria


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