Solem Del'Serah

Leader of the Blue Suns


Solem Del’Serah is a scarred Batarian, missing his upper left eye to some injury. This particular scar, coupled with his imposing presence, leads to a sense of almost superstitious dread among his Batarian underlings.


When Vido Santiago betrayed Zaeed Massani to take over the Blue Suns one of his tactics to bolster his position and avoid assassination was to bring Solem Del’Serah on board as head of Operations.

Del’Serah was a respected member of the Batarian Hegemony’s military caste, granted a mandate to go to the Terminus systems to organize Batarian and Pirate forces to attack human colonies in the Hegemony’s ongoing clandestine campaign of “asymmetrical warfare” against humanity. Unlike many of his fellows, Del’Serah saw the value in co-opting humans themselves. Del’Serah pushed the plan to use the human pirate Elanos Haliat to lead the Skyllian Blitz against the colony of Elysium, reasoning that Batarian financial backing of a human attack would be less politically dangerous than a full Batarian assault. In that, he was correct. Although the Alliance was aware of Batarian support, the Batarians were able to plausibly claim that the Blitz was a pirate attack rather than a terrorist action by the Hegemony.

Del’Serah accepted Vido Santiago’s invitation for a couple of reasons. He saw the potential in the Blue Suns, which in a short time had already grown to rival more established mercenary companies, and he saw the potential in eventually edging Santiago out the door and making it another arm of Batarian clandestine action. As part of this plan, he slipped information through a network of Batarian agents to Zaeed Massani on Omega that detailed Vido’s location and travel itinerary under the assumption that the legendary merc would finish off Vido once and for all.

Zaeed failed to do so, mostly due to Commander Shepard’s insistence on saving trapped refinery workers on Zorya. Del’Serah bided his time.

The Reaper invasion caught everyone by surprise, and the sudden collapse of the Hegemony left Del’Serah at loose ends. A patriot at heart, he threw the Blue Suns into battle against the Reapers. He was in the Omega nebula seeking additional recruits from the pirates and colonies there when the relays went down. He is cut off from Vido, which doesn’t bother him much, but he’s also cut off from the majority of his forces and investments. Del’Serah is currently engaged in desperately rebuilding his organization.

Solem Del'Serah

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