Tyler Maddox

Human Enforcer for Aria T'Loak


Tyler Maddox never gave much thought to how his neighborhood stacked up to other rough places on Earth. He grew up with a sense that things could be better or easier, but he played the hand he had. Like the rest of his peers, he struggled and scrambled, he fought and he ran, and did all he could to survive—until one day, just walking down a street and checking out cars he’d never afford, the agent “discovered” him. Nobody in Tyler’s neighborhood gave him much credit for his rugged good looks. As it turned out, Tyler had natural gifts that cost others hundreds of thousands of credits. A short conversation and a couple of tentative photo shoots later, Tyler found himself selected as the centerpiece of a multi-million-credit underwear advertising campaign.

He liked the life of a model well enough at first, but soon it began to chafe. He didn’t care for the arrogance and the strange priorities of his associates. Tyler traveled and enjoyed the company of beautiful and wealthy people and he had his fun, but at the end of every day things all felt just a little… empty.

Then came the trip to Omega. Several of his show-biz friends just wanted an adventure. Tyler was the least of all his compatriots — still considered something of a novice, his fame not at the level of the others and certainly not as wealthy or able to call his own shots with his career. Yet when trouble approached in Afterlife, Tyler was the first to recognize it, and he was the one to get everyone out alive.

When the dust cleared and club security had things under control, Aria descended from her private booth to survey the damage. She glanced at the collection of celebrities and corporate hotshots. “You’re pretty,” she said to Tyler, “but you’re not dumb… and you know how to fight.” It was all she said before she turned and left; to her, the rest weren’t even worth that much of a comment.

Not one of his companions could get the hell off Omega fast enough, but Tyler stayed. He sought out an audience with Aria, which took a day or two, but soon he was on the payroll as one of her troubleshooters. It wasn’t remotely as lucrative as his previous career, but he felt like he had his soul again.

Eventually he wanted to see more of the galaxy. He left Aria under favorable terms and ended up employed by the Shadow Broker. Aria’s lure was strong, however, and when he and his Broker wet squad encountered her again on the Citadel, having been driven from Omega by Cerberus, he felt compelled to rejoin her to help her retake her station.

Tyler was instrumental in Aria’s plans, fighting beside the ruthless Asari and earning her trust. Now he stands as her most trusted lieutenant and enforcer. Some whisper that the two of them have become lovers.

Tyler Maddox

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