Wyatt Carson

The angriest boy scout.


Cool -2
Hard +3
Hot +1
Sharp +2
Will +3


Shock: 0:00
Harm: 0:00

Advanced Moves: Act Under Fire, Seize by Force, Call on Inner Strength

Special Move – Don’t Tread on Me
Trauma has taught you hard lessons, and your will to survive is strong. At the beginning of the game session roll +Will. On a hit, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1 anyway, because you thrive under adversity dammit! You can spend your hold at anytime during the game session to:

  • Heal one wedge of Harm or two wedges of Shock
  • Ignore all damage from a single incoming attack
  • Apply boosted when rolling call on inner strength
  • Apply glitched when rolling the mental harm move

Species Move: In the Thick of Things
At the beginning of the session, roll +Will. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. At any time, either you or the GM can spend your hold to have you show up in any scene, with the proper tools and knowledge. On a miss, the GM holds 1, and can spend it to have you already be there, but somehow pinned, caught or trapped.

Class Move: Martial Artist
When unarmed, you can choose to either inflict (2-shock intimate/hand inherent) or (1-harm ap intimate/hand inherent) with just your fists, feet, or forehead. You also inflict +1harm with melee weapons.

Class Move: Not to be Fucked With
In battle, you count as a small gang with harm and armor appropriate to your equipment and moves.

Personal Move: Will to Succeed
When you act under fire roll +Will instead of roll +Cool

Personal Move: A No Shit Pilot
When operating a vehicle

  • If you do something under fire, add the vehicle’s power to your roll
  • If you try to seize something by force, add your vehicle’s power to your roll
  • If you go aggro, add your vehicle’s power to your roll
  • If you try to seduce or manipulate someone, add your vehicle’s looks to your roll
  • If you help or interfere with someone, add your vehicle’s power to your roll
  • If someone interferes with you, add your vehicle’s weakness to their roll
  • If you fail your move, take a penalty forward equal to your vehicle’s weakness

Personal Move: Merciless
When you do harm, do +1harm

Class Move: Packing All Kinds of Heat
When you go into battle, choose one of the following:

  • You’ve loaded incendiary ammunition. Add the (burn) tag to your ranged weapon attacks.
  • You’ve loaded armor-piercing ammunition. Add the (ap) tag to your ranged weapon attacks.
  • You’ve loaded disruptor ammunition. Add the (disruptor) tag to your ranged weapon attacks.
    During battle, you can change your ammunition loadout on the fly, but you have to act under fire in order to do so.

Advancements Purchased: +1 Personal Move; +1 Personal Move; +1 Class Move; +1 Class Move; +1 Will; +1 Hard; +1 Sharp; Advance 3 moves.


And what will happen?
Will I dream?
I am too scared to close my eyes
For a second, please hold me
None can change in me these things that I believe
But I don’t know what happens now
I am too scared to close my eyes
VNV Nation, “Legion”

One might say that Wyatt Carson has remained a good guy mostly out of spite. Others might say he’s not much of a good guy at all, but he’s certainly a survivor.

Born on Earth and employed by ExoGeni as a planetary survey specialist, Wyatt passed through the Omega system several times while on business for the company in years past. He had a few associates, a few people in the area he might even consider friends, but his job kept him on the move. A couple years back, word came from the other end of the galaxy that an ExoGeni team including Wyatt had been taken by Batarian slavers. No one heard from him after that. Most people forgot him entirely.

Wyatt turned up in the Omega nebula shortly after the Reaper attack on Khar’shan, flying a battered Batarian shuttle and conspicuously dressed in the sort of garb that Batarians give to their slaves… minus the control collar and such, but accessorized with several weapons. He found his way into an association with Helena Blake, who’d developed a penchant for taking in wayward souls. Very shortly after that, those in the know heard that Helena was soon making an awful lot of deals to sell off a hoard of priceless Batarian cultural and religious artifacts thought lost or destroyed on Khar’shan. Within weeks of that rumor, several organizations enjoyed a large cut of the profits of those sales, including the Underspace Railroad and Aria T’Loak’s loyalists on Omega.

Word is that Wyatt took some small part in the fight against the Reapers after that, but only as a civilian volunteer and a partisan. The Alliance military wouldn’t take him after all he’d been through, and to watch him closely, it’s hard to blame them. Most of the time he seems perfectly stable and even friendly. He can fight and he can keep it together in a pinch, but he still has a marked tendency to watch his back and to keep an eye on the exits. His hands sometimes shake. He drops things, he trips, and at times his voice cracks… but nobody has ever messed with him twice.

Wyatt Carson

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