Mass Effect - Rebirth

Confronting Betrayal


File 435.C16, Gillian vas Idenna

In my last entry I outlined the extreme measures that Siala Jonis, Zaphuel, and I had to go to in order to ensure that the first meeting of the Omega Nebula Senate did not end up in a giant fiery ball. Those Black Star saboteurs were clever, but fortunately we got to the fusion reactor in time, and all those important people will never know just how close they came to death. It was odd seeing Siala running through maintenance hallways in a cocktail dress, but she made it work. Thank goodness we had that spare hydrospanner.

In this entry, I’ll discuss a bit more the politics and aftermath of the senate meeting. The representatives from Thunawanuro brought the distressing news that Black Star had blockaded their planet, attacking ships and seizing food shipments in an attempt to starve the nebula into submission. After a great deal of pointless posturing and speechifying, it was generally agreed that this could not stand. The representative for Red Dawn, Matriarch Galliae, demonstrated a previously concealed degree of personal charisma, and got the entire Senate to back a resolution of war against Black Star and their backers, the colony of Logasiri.

No sooner had the noise of the vote died down than she introduced her hand-picked warlord to lead the unified force, Aria T’Loak. This caused no small amount of shock, as well as a lot of frenzied glances in Siala’s direction, everyone clearly remembering her dramatic video after she had taken Aria out. Everyone expected some sort of demonstration of appalling biotic death, and I admit, I wondered if my barriers could withstand Aria, but she just gave a pretty good speech to everyone about military cohesion. The only nod to Siala’s role in her fall from power was an icy glare, and a few words about not forgetting.

I prepared myself to fend off assassins, and was much-relieved at the sudden return of most of Siala’s trusted associates from their mission. We all gathered in Siala’s office to discuss events. They brought back an ambassador from the “Leviathans.” The primary problem is that this ambassador is very recognizable as the face of oppression and occupation to anyone who was on Omega during Cerberus control. Just keeping Ashe alive was going to be a challenge. Kragg moved his “Brysonlation” device into a private room, where Ashe was stored, so he and his mind-controlling Leviathan sphere could be guarded and others could be reasonably safe. As for Dr. Bryson herself, she was clearly conflicted about the matter, but returned with Iris Krayt to the labs. The Inusannon who went with the mission mingled with the surprising numbers of them present for the Senate meeting. Siala paid the elcor pilot they procured for the mission, and then talk turned to Aria, and the future.

It seems that Imorkan will have a military presence for the duration of this war. This makes sense. We’re a vital tactical resource. Black Star needs our fuel, and any successful action against them will want to keep fuel from them. Aria the warlord appointed Derhan Paz’hess, the owner of Shrike station, to the post of military commander of the defense of Imorkan, probably just to poke Siala in the eye. Fortunately, Siala and Derhan seem to have a working relationship. Siala then contacted the leaders of the three Imorkan stations who had previously been the primary sources of fuel for Black Star. First was the AI in control of Nightside station. It still troubles me that we are so willing to deal with this thing, or even take its advice. Nightside, along with Eightball station and Ilgres station, were fairly pragmatic about it all, recognizing that even if they did want to keep selling fuel to Black Star, they had no opportunity, with a Blue Suns led blockade stopping all unknown vessels. Siala brought in Malintzin, the elcor pilot, to oversee her talks with “Thunder”, the head of Ilgres, mostly so she’d have some insight into Thunder’s body language. He seems the weak link, the one most likely to covertly sell tactical intel to Black Star.

Zaphuel later alerted me to a potential security issue. It seem Aria and Nova Noir were having an intense conversation in Seventh Heaven that might turn ugly. I dispatched a subtle team to observe, and eventually Jarek Bal’iban arrived as well. No violence erupted. I don’t know if this means they’ve come to an understanding, or whether threats were exchanged.

Over the next few days there were a number of meetings as dignitaries drifted off to rally their forces or return to their constituents. On the suggestions of the Master of Nightside station, Siala suggested to Jarek and others that perhaps the cover of this war could be used to pursue some useful personal goals. It would appear that Jarek has a very personal interest in the downfall of the current government of Logasiri, and seems to think he has a valid claim to take over the colony. In fact, it would appear he has a number of sympathizers working their way into Logasiri’s regime, including the Captain of the Pride of Kar’Shan. He seemed hesitant to launch a personally-led commando raid on the colony, however, pointing out that his face would be known (and shot at) on sight. It may well be, though, that under the cover of this coming war, opportunities may present themselves, and Siala and her people intended to be ready to capitalize on those as they arose. There was some talk of assassinating Ish but no decision was made on that subject.



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