Tag: Salarian


  • Toccoa Navarr

    _*Jaeto Degtiar Etacet Karede Toccoa Navarr*_ All Toccoa Navarr wanted as a child was to be a part of something bigger, something exciting! To be like STG super-spy Narra Kos (the star of her favorite holovid series, _Agent Nebula_.) But she had to go …

  • Jardum Avot

    Jardum Avot is the Operations Manager of Talaria Station. He is utterly devoted to [[:siala | Siala Jonis]], although most people assume it's all a brown-nosing act to stay in the station owner's good graces.

  • Ish

    Ish is an information broker on Omega. He ran afoul of Aria a couple of years ago, but managed to survive, and renegotiate a peace with the pirate queen of the station. Most suspect his information during the Cerberus occupation was instrumental in the …

  • Saelan Viris

    Saelan Viris was one of a very few Spectres assigned to ensure that [[:aria-tloak | Aria T'Loak]] successfully took Omega back from Cerberus. His efforts were mostly spent among the other factions of the nebula, forging alliances, procuring materiel, and …