ARV Persephone

ARV Persephone is a small Asari-made craft somewhere between a shuttle and a frigate. It is capable of being operated by a single skilled pilot with extensive VI assistance, but works better with a small crew. It’s a very basic Asari-model, deemed reliable and generally unremarkable, used primarily for personal transport throughout the Asari Republics.

The Persephone has a number of non-stock parts salvaged and fitted by Daro Tas and other members of Cyeria Station.

Small Ship

  • Power +2 (Uncomplaining, Easily-Repaired)
  • Looks +1 (Vintage)
  • Armor 2 (Silaris Armor)
  • Upgraded Mass Accelerator Cannon (3-harm close/far)
  • GARDIAN laser-defense system
  • Enhanced Drive Core (+nimble)


ARV Persephone

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