You are someone who prefers to get their way through discussion and negotiation rather than violence. That isn’t to say you’re a pacifist. The threat of violence can often be an excellent negotiation strategy.

At character creation, choose 1 Diplomat Class move

When you speak passionately to a crowd, roll +Hot. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. At any time, you can spend your hold 1 for 1 to have the mob:

  • Bring people forward and deliver them.
  • Bring forward their precious things.
  • Unite and fight for you as a gang.
  • Fall into a frenzy of uninhibited emotion (your choice as to what emotion)
  • Go quietly back to their lives

On a miss, the mob turns on you.

“What’s That Over There?”
Name your escape route and roll +Hot. On a 10+, you’re gone. On a 7-9, you can go or stay, but if you go it costs you: leave something behind, or take something with you, the GM will tell you what. On a miss, you’re caught vulnerable, half in and half out.

Fingers in Every Pie
Put out the word that you want a thing – could be a person, could be somethin’ somethin’, could even be just a thing – and roll +Hot. On a 10+, it shows up for you remarkably quickly. On a 7-9, well, your people make an effort and everybody wants to please you and close is close, right? On a miss, it shows up for you with strings wicked attached.

When you lean on someone, roll +Hard. On 10+, they comply with your demands without argument. On 7-9, they comply, but (choose 1):

  • They look for payback
  • They do only the bare minimum
  • They tell someone else what you wanted

When you collect gossip about someone important (your call), roll +Hot. On a hit, you can ask the GM questions. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7-9, ask 1:

  • How are they doing? What’s up with them?
  • What or who do they love best?
  • Who do they know, like and/or trust?
  • When next should I expect to see them?
  • How could I get to them, physically or emotionally?

You are known as a ruthless badass who will do whatever it takes, and who prefers to negotiate from a “position of strength.” When you go aggro on someone you may use +Hot instead of +Hard

When you meet someone important (your call), roll +Hot. On a hit, they’ve heard of you, and you say what they’ve heard; the GM will have them respond accordingly. On a 10+, you take +1forward for dealing with them as well. On a miss, they’ve heard of you, but the GM will decide what they’ve heard.

Staggering Charisma
When you seize by force you may dominate a fight through sheer personality instead of a weapon. Roll +Hot instead of +Hard, but replace the option to “do terrible harm” with the following line:

  • You inflict (2-shock close area inherent) instead of weapon damage

The Eyes Betray the Heart
When you are alone with someone and get a hit on read a person you may add the following to the list of available questions:

  • What do you love or hate the most
  • What secret would you never tell anyone but me


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