Generate Hx

This is where you generate your relationships with the other Player Characters.

Everyone introduces their character by name, look, outlook, and some basic history. Each player takes a turn, and chooses one, two, or three of the following options:

  • You’ve fought with one of them, shoulder to shoulder. Tell him Hx+2.
  • One of them saved your life or got you out of some serious shit. Tell her Hx+3.
  • One of them did you a small favor at a critical time. Tell him Hx+1.
  • You grew up with one of them. Family ties, yo. Tell her Hx+1.
  • You once got drunk and spilled out secrets to one of them. Tell him Hx+1.
  • One of them is like a mother/father/other parent to you. Tell her Hx+2.
  • You’re pretty sure one of them’s in love with you. If you return their affections, Hx+2. If it’s just not going to work out, Hx-1.
  • You’ve stolen from one of them, blatantly and often. Tell him Hx-1.
  • You figure one of them is doomed to self-destruction. Tell her Hx-1.
  • One of them left you to bleed or suffer when they could’ve helped. Tell her Hx-2.
  • One of them killed a friend, relation, or close confidante. Tell him Hx-2.

After you’ve gone around the table and generated History, each character can then choose 0, 1, or 2 of the following options:

  • You trust one of them the least. Ignore whatever number they told you, and write Hx+3 instead.
  • You think one of them is the smartest. Add +1 to whatever Hx they gave you.
  • You’ve been keeping your eye on one of them for some time. Add +1 to whatever Hx they gave you.
  • You don’t have time for their nonsense. Ignore whatever number they told you, and write Hx-1 instead.


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