Lorek is an extremely rare example of a habitable world circling a red dwarf star. Originally an independent asari colony named Esan, it was annexed by the Batarian Hegemony in 1913, causing a minor galactic incident. Despite several attempts, the local Terminus warlords have never been able to take Lorek for themselves.

Lorek is a low-density world composed of rock, light metals, and a water-based crust. It is tidally locked to Fathar with a sunward “hot pole” and shadowed “cold pole”. Water on the sunward side evaporates quickly, traveling over the islands of the habitable terminator zone in the form of massive fast-moving thunderstorms and finally settling as snow on the frozen dark side. There are fears that the buildup of ice cap mass on the far side may cause axial reorientation over the course of several million years, but batarian officials dismissed the idea as an irresponsible theory disseminated by counter-hegemonist subversives.

When Kar’Shan was taken by the Reapers, Lorek was one of the far-flung colonies to throw off its Hegemony yoke. With a surprisingly large non-Batarian population, the influence of other species had long been a problem for Hegemony overseers. These poisonous ideas led Lorek to institute a transitional government to democracy, abolish slavery, and make a formal petition to the Citadel for military and financial aid against presumed Hegemony reprisals. Then the relay went down. Now, cut off from any help, and threatened with pirates, criminals, and provocateurs sent by the rival Batarian colony of Logasiri, their fragile newfound freedoms are in danger of collapsing.



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