The Reapers are gone. The Mass Relays are dormant or non-functional. The inhabited clusters and nebulae of the galaxy are suddenly cut off from one another.

What happens when a cosmopolitan galactic civilization collapses? The galactic economy is gone. Trade and travel to distant reaches of the galaxy is now extremely perilous. Even with faster-than-light technology, most ships are limited to star systems within a given cluster. How will the survivors of the Reaper War rebuild?

Space is big. Even one cluster is far more than anyone could explore in thousands of lifetimes. One could argue that the Mass Relays inhibited exploration to whatever systems were easy and convenient.

Nothing is easy or convenient now.

The Omega Nebula was once a crossroads. The Primary Relay in the Sahrabarik system connected to multiple other clusters in the relatively lawless region of the galaxy once known as the Terminus Systems. Even before the war, the residents of the Omega nebula were on the fringe. Pirates, mercenaries, corporations, explorers, anyone who wanted to live life free from the governments of the Citadel Council races came here. Even so, they often did so with the knowledge that if things got too rough they could always go home. Cut off from their homeworlds, will they choose cooperation or conflict?

Only time will tell.


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