Red Dawn

When the Asari colony of Esan was annexed by the Batarian Hegemony, who renamed it Lorek, many of the Asari of the colony turned to guerilla tactics to strike back at the Hegemony colonists. They called themselves the “Red Dawn” after the red-dwarf star of the Fathar System and the desire to bring an end to the “dark night” of Batarian control.

Far from Asari space and any real military support, the Red Dawn guerillas were forced to make common cause with local pirate and criminal organizations for funding, many of which were happy to provide materials to the freedom fighters for their own complex reasons.

The insurgency sputtered along for about two hundred years until the Red Dawn had become so intrinsically connected with the underworld economy of the Terminus systems that their original purpose of freeing the colony of Lorek from the Batarians seemed less and less important.

Red Dawn became a vast, complex network of twisted revenue streams with tendrils embedded in most everything going on in the Omega Nebula. The Asari leaders of the former insurgency became Matrons in their own right, and maintained the complex web of alliances that kept the organization viable. While no Batarians existed in the highest echelons of the group, it long since lost the revolutionary fervor that would prevent the organization from hiring them at the low to mid levels.

The biggest problem with Red Dawn was that it was so complex that different branches of the organization commonly ended up in conflict with one another. The leadership tended to take such conflicts stoically, factoring self-inflicted losses into the cost of doing business.

All that changed when the relays went down. The many-headed hydra that was Red Dawn consolidated with remarkable speed, as if a guiding hand was behind its seeming chaotic sprawl. It rapidly seized control of the fuel refining stations of Imorkan as well as the mercenary contracts around Thunawanuro causing all other factions to reel. After crushing their rival, the Logasiri-backed pirate conglomerate Black Star, Red Dawn is currently the most powerful organization in the nebula.

Red Dawn owns partial or controlling shares in many of the refueling / entertainment stations around Imorkan, as well as a number of facilities in the moons surrounding Urdak. They sponsor pirate clans, freebooter captains, and merchants, and have their own, extensive mercenary force that makes up the bulk of Thunawanuro’s contracted defenders. Their symbol is a red crescent, points down, evoking a red sunrise over a planetary horizon.

Red Dawn

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