Star Herons

The Star Herons claim to be a venerable criminal syndicate dating back centuries to medieval China on earth. The fact that this makes them new-blood compared to some Asari syndicates doesn’t seem to faze them much. They’re modeled on the Triads of old Earth but modernized for the space-faring era. Although the upper ranks of the syndicate are still humans of Chinese ethnic stock, the Star Herons have recruited widely among other species to fill their mid-level and lower ranks.

Their main source of power and income are the hidden refineries where they produce large quantities of Red Sand. While every criminal enterprise in the Omega nebula deals in Red Sand, the Star Herons claim the distinction of being by far the largest producers of the substance which they sell at wholesale costs to other outfits.

Advancement in the Star Herons involves a mix of cunning, ruthlessness, and mysticism. There are esoteric secrets associated with the higher ranks, rumors of strange and unique biotic powers among the upper echelons abound. Most aliens dismiss these rumors as chicanery and charlatanism, although some, inclined already to grant humanity a certain superstitious awe, are readily suckered in.

It is thought that the heads of the Star Herons families maintain a series of secret fortified mansions on the moons of Urdak.

Since the relay stopped working, the Star Herons have, somewhat curiously, become the largest dealer in high-end medical supplies. Rumor has it that the very same facilities that produce red sand are conducive to the creation of medi-gel and other high-end pharmaceuticals.

Star Herons

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