Mass Effect - Rebirth

War Never Changes


Log: Batalla System Operation and Peripheral Concerns, File-owner Aria T’Loak

The sooner this pathetic war is over the better. My return to Omega, my station, was bittersweet. Certainly, my daughter and those pathetic sycophants on their “Omega Coalition” greeted me like a foreign VIP, treating me with all due respect and deference, but I was foreign to them. I was visiting. Even that little fucker Tyler Maddox was dancing to Atma’s tune. I would have never expected that wilting flower to so quickly and obviously follow in my footsteps, although some part of me does feel pride that she’s managed to pull it off thus far.

Maybe mother is right. I’ve been sitting still for too long, letting myself get complacent. I WAS Omega for two hundred years, and then I lose it twice in less than one. The part of me that wants it back recognizes that I could never again reach that pinnacle of unassailable dominance that I once enjoyed. It’s time to step aside for the next generation and try something new…

Once this fucking war is over.

Black Star did one thing very well: they unified this nebula like nothing else could. By blockading Thunawanuro they made sure that every starving merc, criminal, miner, and colonist in this nebula wanted to take them down. We all assumed that Black Star and Logasiri would, as usual, be fighting in tandem, and so we planned accordingly. Intelligence gathered by Daro Tas and Jarek Bal’iban from Malus Apian, however, revealed the contrary. It would seem the blockade of Thunawanuro was a unilateral action by Black Star, and that governor Aton Kal’Hirek of Logasiri was quite upset. It would appear that the governor isn’t as big an idiot as I thought, and had no intention of unifying the nebula against him or his pirate proxies.

Of course, the big question became why would Black Star break with their paymasters to do this? More information came to light from Siala Jonis’s people from Talaria station. Apparently they went through the Omega-4 relay and found fucking Colonel Ashe, now brainwashed by “Leviathans”, the species who created the Reapers. Apparently they’ve seeded the galaxy with their spheres through which they can subvert minds. Pieces fell into place for Siala’s people, who noticed strange behavior in the Black Star base on Vatar months ago when they raided it for slaves. Apparently these “Leviathans” have subverted Black Star leadership into these suicidal actions.

Whatever the reason, it would appear that the Black Star force around Thunawanuro was rather larger than expected, but this opened a hole for a covert operation on Logasiri itself. Jarek Bal’iban is apparently making a play to take over the colony again, but first had to remove the leverage his rival Kal’Hirek had over him, namely his enslaved family. A covert team including their drell Drala, a talented human infiltrator and repo-man, Daro Tas, fucking Nova Noir, and others hit Logasiri while my fleet hit Thunawanuro. Apparently not only did they steal back Jarek’s family, but they stole Logasiri’s flagship, the Pride of Kar’Shan, or, rather, its captain secretly worked for Jarek all along. I imagine Jarek will be shortly making his coup attempt. Whatever.

While my fleet hit Black Star around Thunawanuro, Black Star tried to take Omega. In an amusing piece of symmetry, the captain of the Elbrus was apparently a Logasiri sympathizer, and he fired from surprise on the station disabling the defenses long enough for hundreds of boarders to flood onto the station. This was coupled with acts of sabotage by existing spies and infiltrators. Atma had the foresight to have the fusion reactors well-guarded. Lily Asada’s cult held Afterlife and other high-profile political targets while another crazy cult, this one following Garath the Quelled, held off the invaders from the defense systems until they could be brought back online. There was apparently still hours of street-to-street fighting, but the attack was eventually quelled.

As expected, Black Star also tried a simultaneous attack on the refueling stations orbiting Imorkan. The Blue Suns and Star Herons forces held them off, no thanks to Ilgres station who tried to play both sides. Siala Jonis demonstrated passable competence in fending off the attackers and only losing one of her nine stations… Nali station I think. The Salarian-run one. I take some pleasure in this report that Nova’s private ship, the Chimera was also lost in the firefight.

As for my own operation, the fighting was long, bloody, violent, and ultimately successful. We hit them hard, we hit them co-ordinated and disciplined, we hit them with a plan. They’re fucking pirates. They fight savagely when their backs are to the wall, but ultimately they broke. We managed to destroy about half of them before the other half hit FTL. Black Star is still a concern, but that concern is rapidly waning.

A bigger concern is the fact that Thunawanuro has a large gravity well. Ship wreckage and refined eezo are going to create some serious environmental problems that might cause some long-term impact on their ability to engage in useful agriculture. Ironic, I suppose, that a fight over food may have poisoned the food source. I guess mother can’t put off giving me what I want for much longer. Why settle for a space station when I can have my own garden-world?

I’m thinking I’ll make a pitch to the Binary Helix refugees, grab the former Black Star pirates who want a better option, and use them as the seed of my colony, far from all of these assholes.



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