Ganar Kurg

You thought he'd be taller...


A somewhat short, heavily scarred older Krogan who looks like he should be smoking a cigar.
Kurg wears combat armor that is cobbled together from a variety of sources including welds and patches that look older than he is. His Striker Assault rifle is in good repair, with a white fist emblem covering over a faded Blood Pack symbol.
The more unusual item he carries is a medkit, with a very big staple gun holstered beside it.

Cool 2
Hard 2
Hot -1
Sharp 1
Will 1

Species move Blood Rage: Take -2 on all suffer harm rolls.
Class move Carnage: In battle, you count as a small gang with harm and armor appropriate to your equipment and moves.
Personal Move Battlefield Medic
When you are caring for people, not fighting, you get +1armor. You get a medical kit and mundane medical supplies worth 8-stock (see Medical Kit in Gear). Furthermore, you have med packs with four doses of medi-gel and the knowledge to use it effectively. When you apply medi-gel in an emergency expend one dose of medi-gel and roll +Sharp. On a 10+, they heal 4-Shock. On a 7-9, they heal 2-Shock. On a miss, something goes awry.

Special Move:

Back in My Day…
At the beginning of the session roll +Cool. On a 10+, hold 3, on a 7-9, hold 2. You may spend your hold, 1 for 1, at any time to:

  • Know the answer to a single question as if you’d rolled a 10+ on Consult Training
  • Come up with a tactical plan, become +boosted just as if you’d rolled a hit on Read a Situation for the coming conflict
  • Outmaneuver an enemy, +1Harm to your next attack

Starting gear:
M-5 Phalanx (2-harm close loud)
Omni Tool
1 resources
Combat armor (2)
Striker Assault rifle (4-harm close loud autofire hi-tech)
Strong ally- Eclipse mercenaries
Free drinks for life in two shitty little bars in the Gozu district, having more than once saved them from being wrecked or burnt down by random violence.

Medical Kit:

Trained medical professionals, such as those with the Battlefield Medic Personal move, may use mundane medical supplies in the following fashion:

Your kit has all kinds of stuff in it represented by a “stock” score. When you use it, spend its stock; you can spend 0–3 of its stock per use. You can resupply it for 1-Resources per 2-stock, if your circumstances let you barter for medical supplies.

To use it to stabilize and heal someone at 9:00 or past: roll +stock spent. On a hit, they will stabilize and heal to 6:00, but the MC will choose 1 (on a 10+) or 2 (on a 7–9):

  • they need to be physically stabilized before you can move them.
  • even sedated, they fight you; you’re acting under fire.
  • they’ll be in and out of consciousness for 24 hours.
  • stabilizing them eats up your stock; spend 1-stock more.
  • they’ll be bedridden, out of action, for at least a week.
  • they’ll need constant monitoring and care for 36 hours.

On a miss, they take 1-harm instead.

To use it to speed the recovery of someone at 3:00 or 6:00: don’t roll. They choose: spend 4 days (3:00) or 1 week (6:00) blissed out on drugs, immobile but happy, or power through and heal more slowly.

To use it to revive someone who’s on death’s door (at 12:00-midnight, not beyond): roll +stock spent. On a 10+, they recover to 10:00. On a 7–9, they recover to 11:00. On a miss, you’ve done everything you can for them, and they’re still dead.

To use it to help someone recover from shock: don’t roll. They choose: reset the clock to 9:00 and get back in the fight, or sit out the rest of the fight and recover from all shock as if they’d got a full night’s sleep.

  • X +1 Cool (max +3)
  • __ +1 Hard (max +3)
  • __ +1 Hot (max +3)
  • __ +1 Sharp (max +3)
  • __ +1 Will (max +3)
  • __ +1 Species Move
  • __ +1 Class Move
  • __ +1 Class Move
  • __ +1 Personal Move
  • __ +1 Personal Move
  • __ +1 Move from any list

Must have 5 advances from choices above before selecting those below

  • __ +1 to any Stat (max +3)
  • __ retire your character to safety and create a new character
  • __ create a second character to play, so now you’re playing two
  • __ remove a debility
  • __ choose 3 basic moves and advance them
  • __ choose 3 basic moves and advance them
  • __ invent your own move, subject to GM approval, or +1 Move from any list

Born on Tuchanka, a long time ago, and he prefers not to dwell on those days.
Currently Kurg resides on Omega as just another kind of refugee. Old, scarred and frequently drunk, the joke is his mother was a vorcha, and he used to get angry over it- 500 years ago. Now he just snorts and ‘flips’ the jokers off, or just ignores it. He’s semi-retired from soldiering, but the recent changes on Omega have given him new interests in maybe finding one more good reason to fight like the old days. He never cared about slavery or drug dealers, or pirates. He’s outlasted most of the young toughs in the Blood Pack, the gangs and slums. But the times are clearly changing; sitting on his ass guarding the clinic, patching up strays and polishing the old rifle isn’t much of a life for a former second in command of a hard core merc company.

Ganar Kurg

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