Matriarch Galliae

Asari Matriarch, Founder of Red Dawn


Matriarch Galliae does not make public appearances. When she is seen, she is usually dressed in concealing, if form-flattering robes.


Matriarch Galliae is secretive even by the standards of these ancient, enigmatic beings. Her holdings, investments, followers, and resources were scattered across the galaxy.

One of her more famous contributions to Asari society was the development of modern, cutting edge asymmetrical warfare tactics for the commandos of the Armali city-state. Her expertise in covert operations led her to train the nascent Red Dawn guerilla movement when it arose to contest the colony of Lorek a couple centuries ago. Some in the know even whisper that Galliae trained Aria T’Loak herself prior to Aria’s conquest of Omega.

Shortly before the fall of the relays, Galliae was a heavy investor in Illium, but was driven from that world by the Five over an obscure matter of matriarchal politics. She left Illium with a great deal of liquid assets that she needed to invest in a sufficiently opaque organization with no regulatory oversight. She came to the Omega Nebula to the organization she helped found so long ago, Red Dawn, and invested her liquid resources in their expansive, complex web of cells and investments.

Now that the relay has fallen, those few who even know that Galliae is present can see her cunning hand behind the sudden transformation of Red Dawn from sprawling syndicate to driving force for political change.

Matriarch Galliae

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