Quentin "Quinn" Sheehan

Repo Man


Human male, Infiltrator

Cool +3
Hard +2
Hot -1
Sharp +2
Will 0
Advanced: Act Under Fire, Seduce or Manipulate, Seize By Force

Special Move:
The Art of Bullshit
At the beginning of the session roll +Cool. On a 10+, hold 2, on a 7-9, hold 1. At any point in that session you may spend your hold, 1 for 1, to:

  • Talk your way past someone
  • Get someone to do something before they can really think it through
  • Believe any reasonable lie, at least for a little bit
  • Lend you something they probably shouldn’t

Species Move: Tactical Acumen
You look at every situation with a tactical eye, and are commonly prepared for most surprises. When you declare retroactively that you’ve already set something up, roll +Cool. On a 10+ it’s just as you say. On a 7-9, you set it up but here at the crucial moment the GM can introduce some hitch or delay. On a miss, you set it up, but since then things you don’t know about have seriously changed.

Class Move: Break and Enter
You are talented at gaining access to places you have no business being. When you attempt to enter or exit such a place, roll +Sharp. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2:

  • You get where you wanted to be
  • You remain undetected while getting there.
  • You leave no trace of ever having been there
  • You stumble across something useful or interesting along the way.

Class Move: Tactical Cloak:
You have a bodysuit, or perhaps light armor, containing an onboard tactical cloak system. When you use your tactical cloak in battle, roll +Cool. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On your turn, you can spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

  • Create an opportunity but you haven’t yet seized it or followed through on it. The GM will tell you what it is. Take +1forward.
  • Secure an objective by stealth
  • Automatically get 10+ when you follow through on someone else’s move.
  • Attack from surprise. This option uses up all remaining hold. Do +1harm per spent hold.

Personal Move: Trusworthy Face

Personal Move: A No Shit Pilot
When operating a vehicle…

  • If you do something under fire, add the vehicle’s power to your roll
  • If you try to seize something by force, add your vehicle’s power to your roll
  • If you go aggro, add your vehicle’s power to your roll
  • If you try to seduce or manipulate someone, add your vehicle’s looks to your roll
  • If you help or interfere with someone, add your vehicle’s power to your roll
  • If someone interferes with you, add your vehicle’s weakness to their roll
  • If you fail your move, take a penalty forward equal to your vehicle’s weakness

Daro Tas: +2
Artimesia: +2
Atma: +2
Sira’Taal nar Omega +1
Ganar Kurg: +2

Nova Noir +3 (trust her least!)
Drala: +1
Malintzin: +1

Lawbringer Heavy Pistol: 3-harm close loud hi-tech disruptor
M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol (2-harm close loud)
Light Armor (1-armor)

  • Long-term comfortable lifestyle on Omega
  • Personal Shield Generator (2-shield)
  • Swanky Asari Jewelry
  • Favors owed by Jorgal Nask
  • 2 Resources

Advances: +1 Class Move, +1 Cool, +1 Sharp, +1 Personal Move, +1 Hard, 3 Advanced
Debility: -1Hot

XP: 1


Quinn grew up on the moon colony of New Malta, a community far out in the Terminus systems where they could escape the reach of the Alliance and, hopefully, the Citadel. New Malta’s religious views are fairly extreme. People aren’t supposed to leave without the permission of the colony’s elders, and they certainly aren’t supposed to go gallivanting around the cosmos consorting with aliens. The people of New Malta started their colony to get away from the Alliance and the Citadel as well. They believe in expanding and consolidating the Kingdom of God in defiance of the other denizens of the galaxy, not in cooperation with them. It’s mankind’s destiny to one day overcome the aliens, but until that day comes, mankind should not pollute himself with their influence. Other than that, New Malta is a quiet, stable, lawful and peaceful colony… which, for young Quinn, was very, very boring.

As a teenager, Quinn managed with great effort to land a low-level job at New Malta’s sole spaceport. He saw New Malta’s “regrettably necessary” trade with outsiders firsthand and decided that he wanted to see more. The whole galaxy awaited, and all New Malta wanted for him was to stay home, get married to a girl of his family’s choosing (lovely girl, as it turned out, until she opened her horribly self-centered mouth). Eventually, at the age of 18, Quinn stowed away on a freighter and managed his escape.

The five years since then have been full of their ups and downs. With little in the way of a viable work record nor references, Quinn found himself taking on a lot of odd jobs, often for shady employers. While he quickly shed the conservative views of his home, Quinn still held to some basic tenets of morality: don’t hurt people except in self-defense, don’t take advantage of the weak, don’t steal. He saw a lot of stealing. And, in truth, that annoyed him…especially because his life of spying on space traders and stowing away on freighters gave him a talent for stealing.

That’s when Quinn hit on his marketable skill: he could steal stuff BACK for people. That didn’t bother his sense of right and wrong at all. In fact, that felt pretty damn good. Even when Quinn took on “repossession” jobs for shady customers, he felt content that he was at least not doing any real harm if he was resolving a crime against them by others. After a job for Aria on Omega, Quinn was allowed to set up a small shop…really just a message service and permission to work out of a small apartment, but it was a start.

Quinn’s profession has brought him into contact with a great many underworld figures, especially for someone of his young age. What’s more, Quinn warns his clients up front that any extraneous items found in or on a bit of repossessed property are his for the taking, which has led him to possession of some strange information and items. Someday, Quinn may even go into the information brokering business…if he lives long enough to manage that.

Quentin "Quinn" Sheehan

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