Sira'Taal nar Omega

El Mariachi, except in space. Also, Quarian.


…something something carbon-fiber cello…


  • Cool: +1
  • Hard: +1
  • Hot: +1
  • Sharp: +1
  • Will: +1

Racial – Technician – Shield Optimization:
Gain +1shields. This stacks with any shield-generating Gear you may have or any shield-augmenting move such as Tech Armor.

Soldier – Fortification:
When you go into battle wearing armor with an on-board shield generator, roll+Hard. On a 10+, gain +2-shield, on a 7-9, gain +1-shield. This bonus lasts the entire battle, and refreshing your shield will include the bonus. At any time during the battle you may purge the foucault currents through your gauntlets for increased melee damage. Inflict +1harm (ap) in melee per point of intact shield purged (you can purge your entire shield rating if you wish). Not compatible with Barrier or Tech Armor.

Soldier – Martial Artist
When unarmed, you can choose to either inflict (2-shock intimate/hand inherent) or (1-harm ap intimate/hand inherent) with just your fists, feet, or forehead. You also inflict +1harm with melee weapons.

Personal – Artful & Gracious
When you perform your chosen art – any act of expression or culture – or when you put its product before an audience, roll+Hot. On a 10+, spend 3. On a 7-9, spend 1. Spend 1 to name an NPC member of your audience and choose one:

  • This person must meet me
  • This person must have my services
  • This person loves me
  • This person must give me a gift
  • This person admires my patron

On a miss, you gain no benefit. You simply perform very well

Personal – Merciless


  • Badass carbon-fiber cello
  • M-5 Phalanx (2-harm close loud)
  • Shield Generator (2-shields)
  • Combat Armor (2-armor)
  • M-76 Revenant (3-harm close loud autofire)
  • Inferno Grenades (2-harm area messy burn hi-tech)
  • 4-resources


  • Quinn +2
  • Daro +1
  • Atma -1
  • Artemisia +1
  • Kurg -1
  • Siala -1
  • Nova +1
  • Drala +1
  • Kragg +1
  • Jarek +1
  • Astrophel +1




Sira’Taal can take it right into the Danger Zone.
Sira’Taal can speak French, in Russian.
Sira’Taal can put out fire with gasoline.
Sira’Taal lives vicariously through herself.
Sira’Taal doesn’t ping the wrong address, you just have the wrong omnitool.
Sira’Taal used to be the name of a street in Omega – it had to be changed, because nobody wanted to cross it.
Sira’Taal doesn’t cheat death – she wins fair and square.
Sira’Taal’s reputation is expanding faster than the universe.
Sira’Taal routinely gallivants about Omega, meting out vigilante justice with incendiary grenades and a cello.

…at least one of the above is true.

Sira'Taal nar Omega

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