Mass Effect - Rebirth

Dark Plots


To: Ish
From: Solem Del’Serah

Your information has been good so far. As promised, here’s some reciprocation.

I was catching up with an old friend who is currently working for Nova Noir. He convinced her to come peacefully to hear out my proposition. While we waited for her, I got a message from Calada, who I had watching Jonah Rush at that seedy Blood Pack bar. Apparently someone tried to assassinate him, got a few shots off, hit Calada in the shoulder. They did all this under the cover of some sort of blood pack chaos, and nobody saw the assassin, but one Vorcha on the scene reported seeing a very unusual geth-pattern sniper rifle fall from the scaffolding before it was snatched up in the chaos. Jonah got away, of course. Calada got him out the back.

Noir arrived for the meeting. She brought with her a drell “bodyguard” … kid couldn’t have been out of her juvenile phase. She plopped herself down in a corner and started maintenance on her shiny geth-pattern sniper rifle. I tried to get the kid’s name out of her, but Noir distracted me with business.

Anyway, I know you’re interested in drell in the Omega nebula. I don’t have a name for this one yet, but it’s pretty clear she wants Rush dead for some reason. I asked my contact to try to over-bid whatever contract she’s operating under. We’ll see. Right now we have Rush on one of our ships under constant guard. If this kid was any good, she would have taken him out already in the bar. There’s no way she’ll make it onto that ship. Maybe she’ll see some sense and take my offer.

Anyway, Noir and I had a few words about mutual history, but like I said at the meeting, mercenary groups don’t last long by holding grudges. I floated to her the idea of fixing or circumventing the crazy AI aboard the Elbrus. I dropped the notion that the Blue Suns want to steal it. I figure she’ll scamper right back to Aria like you suggested she would. As far as I’m concerned, if Aria pays her to fix that ship, we don’t have to pay her, and we can steal the Elbrus anyway. You know my concerns on that, as well as on advertising our intentions to Aria in advance. You still haven’t convinced me it’s worth the outlay and the fallout.

She told me she couldn’t help, and then sure enough, met up with Tyler Maddox who was lurking nearby. They both returned to Afterlife. The gambit is in play. I hope you know what you’re doing.



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