Blue Suns

The Blue Suns are a “private security organization,” in reality a mercenary outfit, operating in the Skyllian Verge and Terminus systems. The Blue Suns have a reputation for being both discreet and ruthlessly efficient, and as such charge a sizable fee. They were founded by a pair of humans: Zaeed Massani and Vido Santiago.

After betraying Zaeed, Vido hired many batarians into his ranks, even naming Solem Del’Serah his head of operations, though this act was little more than a PR stunt calculated as a sign of cooperation to placate his batarian benefactors, and to draw away fire from potential assassination attempts. It worked on both counts and the partnership lasts, theoretically, to this day. Over the next decade the Suns grew into a fearsome combat force spanning dozens of systems.

Blue Suns mercenaries often have a tattoo of a blue sun somewhere on their body. During high-risk jobs, the tattoo would be removed with an acid wash to prevent them being identified, then reapplied once the job was finished.

The Blue Suns nominally control the Gozu District on Omega, running protection rackets and earning credits from the slums’ citizens. Their influence on the station has taken a significant hit, however, first from the Turian vigilante Archangel, and then from the Cerberus conquest of the station. Although Aria T’Loak made extensive use of Blue Suns forces in retaking Omega, the bulk of the outfit went on to fight the Reapers, and were therefore cut off when the relay went down. They have not yet recovered the influence they’ve lost.

Blue Suns

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