GM Moves

GM Moves

Whenever a player makes a move, the GM may make a move. Generally this will be a soft move, driving the narrative or setting things up for later.

Whenever a player makes a move other than suffer harm or suffer mental trauma and fails (rolls a 6-) the player marks experience and the GM holds 1 against that character. The GM may immediately, or at any time thereafter, spend his hold, 1 for 1, to make a move against that character from his list, even a hard move.

The GM’s moves are:

Soft Moves:

  • Announce off-screen badness.
  • Announce future badness.
  • Make them buy.
  • Tell them the possible consequences and ask.
  • Offer an opportunity, with or without a cost.
  • Put someone in a spot.
  • Trade harm for harm (as established) (usually the response to seize by force).

Hard Moves:

  • Separate them.
  • Capture someone.
  • Inflict harm (as established).
  • Take away their stuff.
  • Activate their stuff’s downside.
  • Turn their move back on them.
  • Make a threat move.

GM Moves

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