Nightwing Fashions

Nightwing Fashions was the newest criminal syndicate to worm its way onto Omega, all under the cover of a legitimate corporation. The company was ostensibly a design and fashion house based out of the now-unreachable planet of Anhur in the Eagle nebula. This was a thin veneer of respectability covering a deep-reaching empire specializing in arms smuggling, war profiteering, and (according to darker rumors), the inciting of war.

The Syndicate was run by Kimberly Hock, daughter of infamous war profiteer Donovan Hock. She was able to abscond with nearly all of her father’s vast fortune after he died, including her father’s extensive database of contacts and contracts. She effectively re-formed her father’s empire in the Terminus systems, farther from Bekenstein and the Citadel. By sheer chance, she was personally on Omega to oversee some… business dealings… when the Mass Relays ceased to function. This has cut her off from the bulk of her wealth and power, but the resources she had on Omega were still significant enough to make her a player.

She gained a significant investor in Daro Tas, and she provided mass-market assault rifles to the Blood Pack for their attempts to seize large swathes of Omega. Daro ultimately thought better of his business relationship and managed to convince Kimberly Hock that war profiteering was not a growth industry in a nebula cut off from the rest of the galaxy. He offered to fund a change of direction into actual fashion and fashion design, something she had a real (if amateur) interest in.

Under his financial backing, Nightwing Fashions has become an actual fashion house. Hock relocated her offices to Lorek and spends her time designing clothes for that colony’s well-heeled.

Nightwing Fashions

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