The Talons are a criminal gang based on Omega. They are highly organized, setting them apart from other gangs, but just as dishonorable. Its members sport prominent red facepaint.

Criminal services the Talons provide include drug running, weapons smuggling, extortion, killing for hire, slave trading, and pretty much any other activity you can imagine.

Prior to the plague of 2185, the Talons were an obscure group with negligible influence, but the devastation of the plague combined with the Turian vigilante Archangel’s campaign against mercenaries on the station resulted in a power vacuum that the Talons rapidly filled. When Cerberus conquered the station driving out more established interests, the Talons stepped up as the primary guerrilla resistance organization. Due mostly to their aid in helping Aria retake the station, they currently enjoy pre-eminent status on Omega, and have begun expanding their interests and operations beyond the station with clear ambitions to becoming a mercenary force to rival the Blood Pack, Eclipse, or Blue Suns.

Much of this change in the Talons’ fortune can be attributed to the leadership of former Turian Cabal soldier Nyreen Kandros, a former lover of Aria’s who seized control of the Talons shortly before the Cerberus conquest. She reorganized the group along Turian military lines, whipping the chaotic gang into a semblance of discipline. Although she died in the final push to drive Cerberus off Omega, her brother Nimmor has claimed leadership of the gang and is primarily responsible for its forward-thinking current direction.


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