The Inusannon are an ancient species that dominated the cycle before the rise of the Protheans. They are highly advanced invertebrate parasitic lifeforms that bond with members of vertebrate species for mobility, access to biotics, and other things. They seem capable of long-distance electro-neurological signaling, or “telepathy,” and view those species limited to simple speech as non-sentient and potential hosts for their young. Technologically, they seem to have a superior understanding of stasis technology, mass effect field generation technology, and appear to understand mass relay technology well enough to key the resurrection of their species to the deactivation of the mass relay network.

The visual representation of their language consists of three-dimensional pictograms, which are very inconvenient for physical writing, but are quite versatile for mental or holographic communication.

Half a million of them have just come out of stasis around the planet of Anjea. They look like emaciated humanoids whose orifices and chest cavities writhe with black-indigo tentacles.



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