A step above a carbonaceous asteroid, Logasiri is a planet with a carbon-heavy crust and a trace atmosphere of CO2 and helium. Its surface is cool enough to have liquid water, but it is rapidly drying out as it has lost the critical mass to have a self-sustaining hydrologic cycle.

Nevertheless, the batarians have colonized the world, forcing slaves to work in their mines and agri-habitats. The labor is hot, endless, and backbreaking, even in the low-G environment. Every horror story told by slaves elsewhere in the cluster seems to be topped by one from Logasiri. The most famous is that of the slaver Silparon, who worked to death 420 slaves over the course of a galactic standard year and ground up their bodies for compost in his greenhouses. He was eventually poisoned by his wife, but his shadow – and his business model – still hangs over this miserable planet.

When Kar’Shan was conquered by the Reapers, the local Hegemonic Masters of Logasiri knew they needed to crack down on dissent with even greater ruthlessness lest they go the way of Lorek, whose masters were overthrown. Their hostility to their former fellow Batarian colony is great. Logasiri continues to agitate against Lorek, sending pirates and mercenaries to attack the latter’s interests in the nebula. Logasiri is the single largest employer of Blood Pack mercenaries in the nebula.

Logasiri is by far the single largest importer of slaves, keeping the practice of raiding and kidnapping going strong in the Omega nebula even after the relay went down.



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